Thursday, July 06, 2006

Wow, thanks for the great responses

Let me get this question out of the way. Is the oval at Memorial park 400m. Does it matter if you remain on the inside "lane" or stay in the middle or what? The reason I ask is I want to do some calibration on my Polar HRM. I'm going to follow Cassie's advice and do several measurements and take the average.

Now, let me just say thans for all the encouraging comments on the last post. I appreciate the good wishes great advice.

RR, hopefully I can handle the mental. Hope I'm not so worried about the physical that I forget to train my mental toughness, too.

Steve, thanks for the encouragement. Those were my thoughts too about Austin or another >6 hour thon or one a bit later in the year. I'm definitely looking forward to all the warmup races and Striders' events. I still have fond memories of the Christmas run I did in 2004. That was really a blast.

Erin, Jill, Christy, June, thanks for the kind words. Yes, Bon, I did do 3 mile continuous run, lasting almost an hour. That was a big mental milestone for me, going all the way around with a continuous run. It was a survival shuffle but I did it and I did it safely.

I'm looking forward to Katy Fit as I said before. I can't wait to run Cullen and Tershey Park. I hope I love it as much as I love Memorial. I'm really looking for more places to run. Especially looking for some dirt trails or crushed granite like Memorial. Barbara, how long are the trails behind the Cypress YMCA? That may be an option.

See you all around


Anonymous said...


So glad you asked about the track at Memorial. Most tracks are 400m, but the Memorial Park track is 1/4 mile. There's about a 9m difference. Follow the white line painted on the track.

In 1996 HARRA sponsored a women's 100 by 1 mile relay and held it at the Memorial Park track. I was a score keeper. Very tough gig, sitting in the shade, drinking beer and counting off 4 laps per runner. In 1997 HARRA sponsored the same event for men. It was held at the Rice track and I had the pleasure of running on the master men's team. The far turn had lane 1 coned off to lane 2 as the Rice track is 400m.


TX Runner Girl said...

I've wondered the same thing about the Memorial track. BTW, let me know how you like Cullen and Hershey parks. I have thought about running there after work some day (I work about 5 minutes from either one). I keep going back to Memorial though, because I'm familiar with it...kwim?

Anonymous said...

There's always the Park's 3 mile loop. It's measured in 1/4 mile increments.