Monday, July 24, 2006

Evidently improving

This morning's 30 minute run marked the first 30-minute run where I actually went past the 2 mile mark. So, instead of stopping short of the 0-mile marker (30 minute runs are out to the 1 mile marker and back), I actually went past it, just past the water fountain, before my 30 minute timer went off. Here's a comparison of some recent 30-minute runs.

Date Distance Avg. pace
7-3 1.84 16:18
7-5 1.87 16:02
7-18 2.0 15:00
7-24 2.06 14:34

All these runs were performed at approximately the same effort. So, here are the stats from this morning's run:

Venue: Memorial Park
Total time: 30 minutes
Total distance: 2.06 miles
Average HR: 156
Avg pace: 14:34
Mile 1: 14:18 (152 bpm avg.)
Mile 2: 15:01 (159 bpm avg.)
:06: 0:41 (162 bpm avg.)


Barbara said...

That's great Vic - especially in July in Houston! Just getting through a workout constitutes victory on my part this time of the year.

Humble Runner said...

Impressive trend! WTG, Vic

Bon said...