Saturday, July 29, 2006

Whew!! That was a tough one!!

I left nothing out there on today's long run. I must say it was my toughest run to date, since coming back. I can't say that I'm unhappy with my performance. I actually feel good and feel like I really gutted it out. But will I look back on this one and remember it always? Don't think so!!!

Total distance: 5 miles
Total time: 1:21:53
Average HR: 157
Mile 1: 15:14
Mile 2: 16:01
Mile 3: 16:25
Mile 4: 16:45
Mile 5: 17:24
Calories burned (according to Polar): 1427!!!! (no way!)

I'm hesitant to compare this to previous long runs for a few reasons. One, to me it was the most humid day I've run so far. I was really sweating. I mean the kind of sweating where you're drenched from head to toe. By the end, I looked like I just got out of the swimming pool. Also, because of a fishing trip that was planned for today, I ended up moving my schedule around a bit and doing Monday's easy 30 minutes on Friday. The plan was to then rest 1 day and do my long run on Sunday. Well, late in the day on Friday, the fishing trip got cancelled allowing me to do the long run on Friday. If that's too confusing, suffice it to say, I ran on Friday before a long run. I do not think that affected me at all, I'm just saying, I can't compare this to other long runs since I usually have a full day of rest before.

On the bright side. I'm feeling no nagging pains. I'm still injury-free. I feel like my ankle is holding up well. Plus I got to see Bill whizzing by along with some other Striders. Among these familiar faces was Coach Steeeve. He greeted me on the out portion of his run as we were passing in opposite directions. But on his back leg, Steeve was FOCUSED!!! I me an he was humping it. Running hard. Awesome to see that, Steeeve!!!


atownrunner said...

excellent running!

Anonymous said...


Apologies, I completely missed you on the way back. Too focused on my own misery, I suppose. It was absolutely wretched out there.

Well done on the 5 miles, more to come!


Barbara said...

Did you do your long run on today (Sunday?) and not one yesterday or Friday? You're right; I'm confused (so what's new...). I would know this of course if I went to your blog but I'm reading it through a feeder.

I hear ya on the sweat. We walked when we were coming up at the end of mile 4 and when we started again, that's when I noticed my shorts were just sticking to me. So gross!

Anonymous said...

"I mean he was humping it."

That's just a mental picture I'd rather not think about.


Vic said...


I ran my long run on Saturday. I actually didn't post any of this confusing stuff previously. I was basically trying to figure out a way to move my long run to Sunday. Then after rearranging my schedule, my trip got cancelled and I was able to do the run on Saturday with Katy Fit. Believe me, it's not worth trying to figure out. Thanks for trying. LOL!!!

Cassie (TIGGS) said...

Vic- 5 miles dude!! you ran 5 miles!!!!! I am so happy before you....I can remember talking to you at SMART last year and you were so down on not being able to run...and you just did 5 miles!! YAY!