Sunday, July 02, 2006

Thursday evening run

My run on Thursday went well. Here are the stats:

Total distance: 1.75 miles
Avg pace: 16:00 min/mi
Avg HR: 153 bpm (~70% Reserve HR)
Calories burned: 389

This brings me to another topic, my new Polar HR monitor. This model comes with a foot pod that measures distance as well. I'd like to know exactly how this thing works so that I could figure out what interfered with it (e.g. changes in stride, going up hills). I did the calibration on the thing on Wednesday and it was pretty accurate on Thursday and Saturday. Just a few 100ths off. However, it may be off at, for example, the .5 mile mark and be dead on by the .75 mark. This is going by the markers at Memorial park which I trust with a high degree of confidence. (except for the distance from the 0 mile marker, heading in a counter-clockwise direction, to the 3 mile marker. If the total distance from the 9 mile marker back to the 0 mile marker is 2.9 miles, then it should be .1 miles to the 3 mile marker. There's just no way. By my estimation and (limited) experience running there, it's more like .07 miles). Anyway, I got the footpod thingy because I eventually want to venture out away from Memorial. Also, with all the poorly measured race courses that I hear about from Jon and others, I figure it will be a good tool to have once I start racing. Oh, I almost forgot the best part of my Thursday evening run. I got to see bride to be Cassie. It was great to see my old PIM buddy. We didn't get to chat as we were both in the middle of our workout and going opposite directions. Besides, even if we were going the same direction, I would ony be able to keep up with her for about 100 yards. :) I look forward to catching up with her and Manny and hearing about all the exciting things going on in their lives.

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Cassie (TIGGS) said...

It was good to see you too Vic! I calibrated my footpod on a several 400s and then take an average. Right now mine seems to be .01 off per mile so I can't complain