Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Looking back

While reviewing my running career (laughter from the audience) I was trying to remember my first 5K finishing time. I remember the race. It was Run with the Saints 5K, some time in November 2004. I don't know why but I don't have the time documented anywhere. I looked and looked for it on the internet and finally gave up. Then I IM'd Jon for advice on finding the stat. Within 15 seconds, a little link popped up in my chat window. It was a link to the results from 2004 Run with the Saints. Voila!! Jon, you are a stats god.

So, the time for my first 5K was 41:50. As a side note, I specifically remember PR'ing just 2 months later by more than 5 minutes at the Houston Press 5K. Unfortunately, the timing on that race was screwed up. They kept changing the time that was online. The original time was wrong. Now I look it up on the Houston marathon results page and it shows a time of 38:44. No mention of my chip time although I think that was wrong too. Anyway, I don't want to dig up old wounds. :) On to the post...

I thought I would try a training experiment. The conventional wisdom among some of these blogs and the skuttlebutt around the port-a-potty is that to run fast, you have to train fast. Well, I happen to disgree with that philosophy. (Disclaimer: I do agree that a runner with a well conditioned aerobic system can increase stroke volume and improve LT with faster interval training, tempo runs, and more quality workouts. My comments here are directed more to new runners or to experienced runners that may be coming back from some time off or runners that haven't run in a while.) So here's my experiment. My goal (this may be unreachable) for the HRB Bloggers 5K is to match my 2004 Run with the Saints time of 41:50. That is 13:30 min/mile pace. So here's my challenge and here's where I hope to prove my philosophy of training correct (for new runners, at least). Between now and the HRB Blogger's 5K on August 12, I am going to conduct ALL training runs above 14:30 m/mi pace. Most will be above 15:00 m/mi. Then, I'm going to see if I can't do a 41:50 for the 5K.

STRIKE THE EXPERIMENT!!! After some great comments and e-mail advice and pondering how stupid I am, I'm not going to be setting any kind of goal time for the 5K.

Couple of reasons...first and foremost, I will need to incorporate my weekly KatyFit-prescribed long run into this 5K if I'm not going to be joining Katy Fit for the Sat am group run. I haven't looked at the schedule yet but I'll just make the 5K part of my long run, running the balance either before or after or before and after the 5K. Secondly, the conditions (both course conditions and ankle/body conditions) are not going to be conducive to gutting out some stellar race performance. There will be plenty time for that. Cassie, Jon, you are so right. I need to keep my eye on the goals, first of which is to have fun with all my bloggin buds and secondly, to stay healthy and injury-free and to continue to improve for Houston '07.


TX Runner Girl said...

I think you'll kick butt in the 5K. I have done lots of reading about training slower than your goal pace, so I think you can do it! BTW, glad you enjoyed day 1 of Katy Fit!

WalkSports.com said...

I think Vic should do what his body tells him is comfortable, regardless of the time. :)

The main purpose of the HRB/SHRC Challenge, while there is a competitive tilt, is to have fun!!

I'd hate to have you have a setback out there. It is primarily (if not completely) a concrete course.

That's my two sense. And you know what your body can handle better than anybody else. But whatever you decide, you've proven you're determination over time to get it done.

Anonymous said...

Hey Speedy, your Houston Press 5k time was 36:45, Jan's was 48:34.


Vic said...

thanks for looking that up, Steeeve. I remember it was a few seconds better than a 5 minute PR.

Barbara said...

You can do it! Rule # 1 is you have to believe yourself that you can do it and looks like you're there, based on that poll!

Cassie (TIGGS) said...

Ditto Jon- I think Vic should do what his body tells him is comfortable, regardless of the time. :)

Also August isn't November temps wise...the heat always slows me down...I say do what is comfortable and come to RTW to have fun and see all the bloggers! I can promise I won't be setting or tying a PR!

Sarah said...

I'll 3rd what Jon and Cassie said, and what you already realized -- don't push it too hard. It's August 12 for crying out loud -- really FREAKING hot! I guarantee that I'll be *minutes*, not seconds, off my PR time. :)