Saturday, July 22, 2006

4 miler with Katy Fit and familiar faces

I've been debating this week whether or not I was going to do our group run with my HRM or just leave it and pace with some others. I keep hearing that Katy Fit is big time pro-running-in-groups. And I didn't see how running by my HRM was going to work in a group run. After all, that's the whole thing about HRM training. It's very individualized, based on your own maxHR and your own fitness. On individual may be running 4 miles at 14:00 min pace and stay aerobic. For me, that would probably get me well above AT pretty quickly. Anyway, I decided against running with the hrm today. Besides, I'm not planning on racing with it, so I need to start getting more of a "feel" for my pacing and effort, especially on long runs.

Overall, the run went pretty well. I must say this was my toughest run to date. I struggled a little bit and had to push pretty hard and stay focused. I think that this being a tough run was a function of a couple of things. First, my nutrition on Friday was terrible. After a good breakfast and good lunch, I had no snack in the afternoon and no supper. We rushed over to a dessert party after work and I did not take time to eat supper. All I had in the evening was a couple of chocolate chip cookies and some coffee. I had a Clif bar Saturday morning before the run but I think that was too little, too late. Even though I wasn't famished on Friday night, I still should have eaten dinner. Secondly, I got to bed really late on Friday and didn't get near enough sleep before an early long run.

So, here are the stats:
Total distance: 4 miles
Total time: 1:03:32
Mile 1: 15:02
Mile 2: 15:29
Mile 3: 16:13
Mile 4: 16:48

Comparison to last week's 3-miler
Mile 1 (last week/this week): 15:54 / 15:02
Mile 2 (last week/this week): 16:14 / 15:29
Mile 3 (last week/this week): 16:40 / 16:13
Mile 4 (last week/this week): ----- / 16:48
Total time, 3 miles (last week/this week): 48:48 / 46:43
Difference, 3 miles (last week to this week): -2:05

So, is there improvement there? Apparently so. Conditions were about the same so it's a fair comparison. I definitely don't think I could have gone 4 miles last week so my endurance improved some. The difference in pace could be due to the fact that I was running without my HRM. However, I was able to carry on a conversation for the entire 4 miles. In fact I did talk to serveral other runners on the course, even during the last mile.

On a great note, I saw several Striders out there at Cullen and was greeted by them. Barb Shephard (Cha-Ching) and Stacy Stepler were running together and looking strong. Then I saw Ryan Stepler, Megan Clark-Dillingham (Road Rage), and Lynlee Linke (Hooter Girl). I'm a bit unsure if the name of the 3rd runner was Lynlee. I recall meeting this 3rd runner at the Chritmas Lights run in 2004 and for some reason the name Lynlee comes to mind. If that wasn't Lynlee, I apologize.

Oh, one final thing. I had the privalege of meeting a very sweet, young lady at Katy Fit by the name of Jo. She wears a Houston Strider singlet to the Saturday meetings and I've been in my PIM singlet which led us to start up a conversation and became acquainted last week. Very nice lady. We both started running through PIM. Well, funny thing is that this week she introduced me to a couple of other runners that she met. The conversation went something like this. "Shashi, this is Vic. He's training for the full marathon. He runs slow but continuously." LOL!!! I in no way take offense to this and I know from Jo that's not a disss. She really is just the nicest, sweetest lady. I just thought it was cute. You know you're slow when you are introduced as "slow, but continuous."


Anonymous said...

Yo Vic,

Sounds like a tremendous run for you good going! Yes, that was Lynlee out there, and great that you found Joanne Einhorn. She definitely meant her description of you as a compliment. Perhaps not a speed burner (yet) but much of the new-to-running marathon training is predicated on walking breaks ("5/1", etc.) and those folks tend to be quite impressed with the "continuous runners".

For the last pre-SMART weekend run next Saturday we'll be doing Cullen Park so I expect you to look GOOD when we cross paths.


Barbara said...

Sounds like you had a good run when it was all said and done. Part of the 6 month process to get to January is to figure out what works in terms of nutrition, and clothing, etc. - and what doesn't.

I have to say, I very nearly always run with my HRM, even if I don't remember to write down what it was afterwards, I at least know it'll beep at me if I'm exerting myself too much. But definitely it's a personal choice.

JustJunebug said...

hey i would take slow, but continuous any day of the week!

great going!