Sunday, July 02, 2006

3 mile continuous run

Well, I set a new comeback distance record on Saturday, 3 miles. I decided that it would be safe for me and probably beneficial to run all the way around Memorial. My new HRM gave me the confidence to stay SLOW and safe.

Now, when I say slow, I mean SLOW!!! Here are the stats:

Total distance: 3 miles
Total time: 57:32
Avg pace: 19:11 min/mil
mile 1: 17:07 (avg HR - 144 bpm)
mile 2: 19:28 (avg HR - 148 bpm)
mile 3: 20:57 (avg HR - 150 bpm)
Avg HR: 148 (~70% HR reserve)
Tot calories burned: 753 (hard to believe)
Total weekly miles: 8.2 (record)

Thoughts on this run. The 753 calories is hard to believe. estimates 587 calories. I guess the point is moot. I burned a significant number of calories and got a wonderful, aerobic workout. I stayed safe. I felt exhausted and sore but not in a bad way. Oh, and there may be some debate, given my pace, as to whether or not I was actually running. All I know is that I wasn't walking. It was definitely a survival shuffle as blogger Bon describes. I did take a few seconds on two different occasions to do a couple of 5-10 second striders. It really seems to help loosen up the ankle. I probably need to incorporate a few striders into a couple of my workouts every week to help with proprioception as long as it's on a soft surface. I'm also doing exercises on a wobble foam pad every day for the same reason.


Humble Runner said...

Congrats, you have come a long way is record time!

Running Rabbit said...

Good for you!!!

BTW, I love how you have your links organized...with the matching city. Neat idea!

JustJunebug said...

keep up the GREAT work!!!

JoeC said...

Way to go Vic. One has not run to ones limits until one has become acquainted with the survival shuffle. Running it is.

Bon said...

Congrats, Vic! You are a runner! Shuffle on!

Keith said...

Bill's right, you've come back pretty fast.

Rock on please.

ybanuork - now that's a word verification word.

jamoosh said...

Progress. Excellent. Rock on!