Saturday, April 28, 2007

25 by end of May

Here's my plan to get back to 25 miles per week by the end of May.

Sound reasonable? At that point, with a decent base, I'll probably add one quality workout into my week, mixing it up with tempo runs, maybe some hill work. That should keep me soaked in sweat through the summer months and in good shape to start marathon training in August.

Striders Strutters Strut at BIG BAYOU BASH!!!

The Strider Strutters relay team composed of yours truly, Dusty, George, and Bill didn't set any course records this morning but I for one had an awesome time. Around 100 Striders were treated to beautiful Spring racing weather this morning for the Bayou Bash Relay, put on by Al Lawrence Running Club.

This was a new venue for the Bayou Bash. It was my first go at the race and I had a lot of fun. I ran the C leg of the race and handed off to Bill, our anchor man and keeper of the speed for our team. Acutally, Dusty is running really well of late and probably would give Mister Bill a run for his money in a head-to-head race. George and I brought in the B and C legs respecively giving up a little ground but running well nonetheless. When Bill asked me how long I was going to be, I took a stab in the dark and replied, "Oh, around 12 minute pace." The course was about 2.1 miles so Bill said he'd be looking for the handoff after around 24 minutes. When I told him that, I really wasn't serious and thought I was waaaaaay underestimating my pace, but a guy has to dream every once in a while.

I stretched for a good 20 minutes before heading over to the transition area. Even though I didn't do a warmup, I still felt good and loose when I started. I looked down at the Garmin through the first .1 or .25 and I was around 10 minute/mile pace. I didn't worry too much about going out that fast. I figured I would settle down as I got further along. Besides, in a 2-mile race, you don't really have to worry too much about going out too fast and bonking. At least that's the way I approached it. Kind of like a mile time trial.

I ended up Finishing the 2.1 in 24:50. Depending on the acutal distance (2.07 - 2.1), That was an average 11:50 - 12:00 pace. I'm please with that. Certainly, the nice weather had a lot to do with my running well. It sure hasn't been my "training."

Notables included July's first ever sub-9 minute mile and two speedy sub-6:30 miles by SteveB. Oh, and it was great to meet fellow blogger and Strider, Red Daisy. Very cool to meet you finally and I look forward to seeing you out out on the circuit this year. Lotsa good running this morning by all. Congratulations to ALRC for a great event.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Longest Long Run...

... in about 5 weeks. Also, it was the hottest, muggiest long run in about 6 months. Still, I'm not complaining at all. The mission tonight was to sweep out the cobwebs, loosen things up and do a nice, easy run to get the juices flowing. Mission accomplished!!!

I did a lot of stretching pre-run. I'm really in knots from not running much. I stopped a few times along the way to make sure to stay loose and I took 5 or so minutes post-run to stretch it out as well.

Even though I logged a dismal 2.5 miles this past weekend, it wasn't a total bust. I actually sustained good nutrition and moderate calories through the entire weekend. I only ran a little but stayed active, working in the yard, playing with the kids and working in the house...and the scale showed it. A good moderate weight loss through Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. About a pound or so.

I was going to start this past weekend with a 10 miler on Saturday but thought that may not be the smartest "first" run in over a week. So, I did that short run and am going to get in a full week of training this week starting with tonight's 4.25 miles. I'll get a couple more of those in, throw in the Bayou Bash Relay and possibly the FOS 5K for a ~18-20 mile week. That'll be a good jumping on point to really get my base back to where I want it to be through the summer. I gotta let the runner out!!!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

A unique event and good times with friends

Even though this was my first LP Run, the night felt like old times visiting with Striders and friends I haven't seen in way too long.

The LP run is definitely unlike any other race I've ever run or even heard of. My final result wasn't a time. In fact, I finished the race in the same time as John Yoder and David Minken. How's that for good company? I'm telling all my friends at work, "Yeah, me and John Yoder both ran a 33:20." Ok, so what's the deal? Well, what makes this even unique is that my result was not a time, it was a distance. Yes, ALL participants run for 33 minutes and 20 seconds, the winner is the one who runs the farthest. Lap counters in the stands count the laps for each runner and the one who runs the most laps wins. When the gun sounds at 33:20, everyone stops where they are, bends over desperately gasping for air, and waits while the race officials come around with a measuring wheel, measuring the distance of the last partial lap to be added later to the # of complete laps recorded by the lap counters. Make sense? It still blows my mind. All I can say is congratulations to Terlingua Running Club for pulling off this unique event

It was great to see fellow Clydesdale Joe Carey who took 3rd place in our division. Talking to old friends and just being around the running scene really got me motivated. Looking at Bill's pictures of me running did a lot to motivate me as well. I'm really not wearing those extra lbs. very well. :) Still, I'm staring out my office door at my "About Vic" profile hanging in the hallway with all my other team members'. It has my picture on it and a little blurb about me and "What I enjoy..." I don't even recognize the person in that picture. Oh, and I need to make a correction in my bio where it says, "I'd like to run a marathon someday."

While I'm at this post, let me get to some congratulations that I've been meaning to hand out. First of all, congratulations to Sarah for kicking butt at her first Half Ironman. What an accomplishment!!! I'm so proud of you, Sarah. Also, great job Dusty on the incredible weight loss since I've seen January. You're looking good buddy. Congratulations and best of luck to all of you running Boston this weekend. I know I'm forgetting many so forgive me but I wish Matt, Barbara, SteveS, and my cousin, Robert a safe and fun race in Boston. SteveB, the race will be televised on Versus (formerly OLN). I only tell you this because this will be your last year to watch it on TV. Next year, I'll be watching YOU!!!

edited: OMG!!! I'm really stupid. I just visited the website to look for results and figured out where they got 33:20 from. The name of the race is the LP run. As in Long Play(ing). As in a old record album. As in 33 1/3 RPM. As in record speed on an old turntable. Ok, now I get it. DUH!!!

Sunday, April 08, 2007


No this post is not about my behind, although that would be a HUGE topic!!! I'm talking about how far behind I am with my 2007 weight loss and running goals. Not to worry, though. I'm not so far behind that my goals are out of reach. So, where am I?

Well, regarding my goal to lose 75 lbs. by the end of 2007, I'm WAAAAAY behind on that one. To achieve that goal, that would have been a reasonable 1.4 lbs. per week. I'm currently 9 lbs. over where I started the year so now, I'm looking at losing 84 lbs. by Dec. 31st. Now, with 39 weeks left in the year, I'm staring at a little over 2 lbs. per weeks weight loss. That's basically just a ~1,000 calorie per day deficit so that is still highly achieveable.

My running has not been consistent and I haven't been in "training mode" for over a month now. The week beginning March 5 was my last 20+ mile week. Since then, my weekly totals have been 15, 5, 8, and 3 this week, definitely not the log any distance runner would be proud of. I'm currently a little less than 40 miles off pace of my 2007 goal of 1008 miles for the year. I came up with the 1008 number, twice my 2006 miles, as a conservative but reasonable goal. All things considered, I'm not that far off of this goal and still have plenty of time to make it. One thing I must not do though is to get back out there too quickly and think I can start cranking out 25, 30+ mile weeks after being on the couch so much the last month or so. No, I haven't lost ALL my fitness and strength but I most certainly have lost some and I need to ease back into things.

I'm tring to get positive here. Happy thoughts! Happy thoughts! I've slipped a bit since January but I haven't fallen completely into the abyss. It's time to regroup, refocus, and get to work.

I did an easy 3 miles around the neighborhood yesterday. My time was a little over 42 minutes with an average pace of ~14:00 minutes/mile. I took it real easy, just wanting to remind my legs how it feels. Legs said it felt good. I hate to use (abuse) cliche's but looks like I'M BAAAACK!, at least I feel like I am. See y'all at the LP run on Wednesday.