Saturday, April 28, 2007

Striders Strutters Strut at BIG BAYOU BASH!!!

The Strider Strutters relay team composed of yours truly, Dusty, George, and Bill didn't set any course records this morning but I for one had an awesome time. Around 100 Striders were treated to beautiful Spring racing weather this morning for the Bayou Bash Relay, put on by Al Lawrence Running Club.

This was a new venue for the Bayou Bash. It was my first go at the race and I had a lot of fun. I ran the C leg of the race and handed off to Bill, our anchor man and keeper of the speed for our team. Acutally, Dusty is running really well of late and probably would give Mister Bill a run for his money in a head-to-head race. George and I brought in the B and C legs respecively giving up a little ground but running well nonetheless. When Bill asked me how long I was going to be, I took a stab in the dark and replied, "Oh, around 12 minute pace." The course was about 2.1 miles so Bill said he'd be looking for the handoff after around 24 minutes. When I told him that, I really wasn't serious and thought I was waaaaaay underestimating my pace, but a guy has to dream every once in a while.

I stretched for a good 20 minutes before heading over to the transition area. Even though I didn't do a warmup, I still felt good and loose when I started. I looked down at the Garmin through the first .1 or .25 and I was around 10 minute/mile pace. I didn't worry too much about going out that fast. I figured I would settle down as I got further along. Besides, in a 2-mile race, you don't really have to worry too much about going out too fast and bonking. At least that's the way I approached it. Kind of like a mile time trial.

I ended up Finishing the 2.1 in 24:50. Depending on the acutal distance (2.07 - 2.1), That was an average 11:50 - 12:00 pace. I'm please with that. Certainly, the nice weather had a lot to do with my running well. It sure hasn't been my "training."

Notables included July's first ever sub-9 minute mile and two speedy sub-6:30 miles by SteveB. Oh, and it was great to meet fellow blogger and Strider, Red Daisy. Very cool to meet you finally and I look forward to seeing you out out on the circuit this year. Lotsa good running this morning by all. Congratulations to ALRC for a great event.


TX Runner Girl said...

Way to go Vic! Sounds like a great time! Maybe next year, it'll fall on a weekend that I don't have classes. :-)

aggie jogger '77 said...

Way to run Vic!!!!

I did my first half marathon this weekend (2:46:40) here in OKC.