Monday, April 23, 2007

Longest Long Run...

... in about 5 weeks. Also, it was the hottest, muggiest long run in about 6 months. Still, I'm not complaining at all. The mission tonight was to sweep out the cobwebs, loosen things up and do a nice, easy run to get the juices flowing. Mission accomplished!!!

I did a lot of stretching pre-run. I'm really in knots from not running much. I stopped a few times along the way to make sure to stay loose and I took 5 or so minutes post-run to stretch it out as well.

Even though I logged a dismal 2.5 miles this past weekend, it wasn't a total bust. I actually sustained good nutrition and moderate calories through the entire weekend. I only ran a little but stayed active, working in the yard, playing with the kids and working in the house...and the scale showed it. A good moderate weight loss through Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. About a pound or so.

I was going to start this past weekend with a 10 miler on Saturday but thought that may not be the smartest "first" run in over a week. So, I did that short run and am going to get in a full week of training this week starting with tonight's 4.25 miles. I'll get a couple more of those in, throw in the Bayou Bash Relay and possibly the FOS 5K for a ~18-20 mile week. That'll be a good jumping on point to really get my base back to where I want it to be through the summer. I gotta let the runner out!!!


Anonymous said...

It's nice to see you back on the road to health, fitness and exercise.

TX Runner Girl said...

Good job on getting back out there! Hopefully we'll run into each other at the park again soon!

J~Mom said...

Missed you buddy! Great to see you getting back out there!