Thursday, April 12, 2007

A unique event and good times with friends

Even though this was my first LP Run, the night felt like old times visiting with Striders and friends I haven't seen in way too long.

The LP run is definitely unlike any other race I've ever run or even heard of. My final result wasn't a time. In fact, I finished the race in the same time as John Yoder and David Minken. How's that for good company? I'm telling all my friends at work, "Yeah, me and John Yoder both ran a 33:20." Ok, so what's the deal? Well, what makes this even unique is that my result was not a time, it was a distance. Yes, ALL participants run for 33 minutes and 20 seconds, the winner is the one who runs the farthest. Lap counters in the stands count the laps for each runner and the one who runs the most laps wins. When the gun sounds at 33:20, everyone stops where they are, bends over desperately gasping for air, and waits while the race officials come around with a measuring wheel, measuring the distance of the last partial lap to be added later to the # of complete laps recorded by the lap counters. Make sense? It still blows my mind. All I can say is congratulations to Terlingua Running Club for pulling off this unique event

It was great to see fellow Clydesdale Joe Carey who took 3rd place in our division. Talking to old friends and just being around the running scene really got me motivated. Looking at Bill's pictures of me running did a lot to motivate me as well. I'm really not wearing those extra lbs. very well. :) Still, I'm staring out my office door at my "About Vic" profile hanging in the hallway with all my other team members'. It has my picture on it and a little blurb about me and "What I enjoy..." I don't even recognize the person in that picture. Oh, and I need to make a correction in my bio where it says, "I'd like to run a marathon someday."

While I'm at this post, let me get to some congratulations that I've been meaning to hand out. First of all, congratulations to Sarah for kicking butt at her first Half Ironman. What an accomplishment!!! I'm so proud of you, Sarah. Also, great job Dusty on the incredible weight loss since I've seen January. You're looking good buddy. Congratulations and best of luck to all of you running Boston this weekend. I know I'm forgetting many so forgive me but I wish Matt, Barbara, SteveS, and my cousin, Robert a safe and fun race in Boston. SteveB, the race will be televised on Versus (formerly OLN). I only tell you this because this will be your last year to watch it on TV. Next year, I'll be watching YOU!!!

edited: OMG!!! I'm really stupid. I just visited the website to look for results and figured out where they got 33:20 from. The name of the race is the LP run. As in Long Play(ing). As in a old record album. As in 33 1/3 RPM. As in record speed on an old turntable. Ok, now I get it. DUH!!!


Anonymous said...


I think of the LP Run as being attractive to folks who are really serious about their running. That be you! And, what a treat to share the track with Rudy Rocha, John Yoder, David Minken and the Clydesdale's Clydsdale, Ken Yanowski.

Hey, maybe next year you'll share the track with the old dudes instead of the big dudes :-O

Don't know your final result but early in the race when the math was still easy to do you were definitely booking it, excellent effort!

And, would you believe, our entourage was nearly as large as our running contingent. Bill's photos don't lie!


barbara said...

Hey, I'm busy packing but had to take a break (from all the winter race gear clothes!) to catch up on some blogs.

That race sounds like a lot of fun - what does the LP stand for? How did they come up with a time of 33:20?

Inquiring minds want to know.

You're 2 steps ahead of me Vic; I never had it in my bio to want to run a marathon in my entire life. Then I did, and said one is plenty.

Now I'm trying to figure out how I got to the place where I'm catching a plane to go run a 2nd one. This is it. No really!

David said...

The Clydesdale's division is where all the studs are... ;)

Great seeing you Vic! Awesome seeing you crank around the track! You spun it right round baby right round, like a record baby, right round, round, round...

L*I*S*A said...

That sounds like a fun event!

TX Runner Girl said...

LOL about the LP run...even I figured that one out. ;-) I wish I could have made it but I had the usual school/hubby's work scheduling problems.

J~Mom said...

That race sounds awesome! Do we get to see some of the pics? Great job! It's great to hear that you found fun again!

JustJunebug said...

you think you might EVER update this thing?

and i see you still have the 1/2 mary at the Flying Pig up on your sidebar.

You still running it?

Anonymous said...

Vic, thank you for keeping my lap sheet. I saw the results from the race and they did not list you with the clydesdales, nice job on the weight loss. See you at the relays.

Steve Bezner said...

Yo Vic, wake up!