Monday, July 31, 2006

Easy 2 with negative split

Having slept past the snooze this morning, I ended up running after work today. I got to Memorial around 6:15 and got a great parking place in the tennis center parking lot. I like parking there because I hate walking so far in my work clothes to get to the locker room. Anyway, there was a lot of hub-bub around the park. Hundreds of people. Lots of running groups seemed to be out. One group was gathered around the northwest corner by the turnaround. They had some cones set up in the grass over what looked like about 100 or 200 yards. I thought that was awesome to run sprints/intervals or whatever they were doing in the grassy area over there. I thought it may be the SMART group but I did not recognize anyone. It still could have been. I think I recognized one Strider. I think her name is Yong. I'm not sure. I remember her from PIM and from hanging with the Striders but I've never met her personally. I also saw Holden. He was running hard. I passed him going the opposite direction just as he was taking a walk break. Great to see you Holden!

I must say that I just love running at Memorial park. I love seeing friends, acquaintances, and all the beautiful people, tall, short, fat, skinny, men, women, young, old, fast, slow, runners, walkers, trotters, joggers, shufflers, moms, dads, hotties, studs, blacks, whites, asians, hispanics, indians, middle easterners. I even saw a lady with a wig. My son said a few weeks ago, "Dad, I really like Memorial park. Everyone just does their thing. No one judges you or cares what you look like. Everyone's just out there exercising. It's cool." He's right.

My run was very evenly paced and that made me happy. It was hot but there seemed to be a bit of a breeze. I even managed a :02 negative split. Of course, it was still slow but I felt like it was a good run. Again, I had a .5 mile warmup with .25 brisk walk and .25 walk/jog/get my HR going.

Total time - 30:18
Total distance - 2.0 miles
Avg HR - 155 bpm
Average pace - 15:09
Mile 1 - 15:10
Mile 2 - 15:08
Calories burned (according to Polar) - 519

God bless!


Anonymous said...


SMART opening night is tonight at Terry Hershey. Then, Tuesdays and Thursdays (mostly) at Terry Hershey, Tuesdays at the Memorial Park track and Thursdays at the Rice Track.

So, tonight we'll be 2 miles away from your hill workout. We'll finish up about 9pm, so stop on by if you finish early.


Steve Bezner said...

Interesting observations about Memorial Park.

I've made the same observations and came to the conclusion of calling it "Running Shameless", as it doesn't matter who and what you look like.

I love it!

TX Runner Girl said...

LOL Vic! I had alarm clock issues too...must be something in the water. BTW, I like Steeve's term "running shameless". Memorial Park is probably the only place you'll catch me without make-up.

Barbara said...

I finally had to move my alarm clock halfway across the room in order to get up when I planned to this morning. It worked!

I'm curious about this wig....was it that obvious?

Vic said...

The wig was sooooo obvious. And fake eyelashes too. Big red lips and FULL, I mean FULL makeup. And this was no casual walker. She was in full running apparel and running pretty well, sweating through it all profusely.

Barbara said...

Very strange....

Holden said...

Vic, It was good to see you. I like running there also. I need to check out the locker rooms at the tennis center one of these days.