Monday, July 17, 2006

All my runs feel good!!

This morning, I did my scheduled 25-minute run according to the Katy Fit red group marathon traing program. For about the last 2 or so weeks, it seems like evey single run has been a good one. What I mean by that is I have finished feeling strong, like I accomplished what I had set out to, like I pushed hard enough but had enough left in the tank where I could have done a little more. And most importantly, I have been pain-free and injury free.

This morning's run, after a 3 mile LSD on Saturday and total rest on Sunday, was a bit of a different experience for me. For most of my runs prior to this, I've struggled to keep my HR below 160. I've really had to slow down to a very slow shuffle to keep my effort aerobic. Well, today, I felt, for the first time, some pressure to pick up the pace. Now, when I say that, I don't mean what you might think. I'm not saying that I just wanted to run faster to get a better workout. That's not in line with my training right now. What I mean is that to get my heart rate up in the 153-158ish range, there was pressure to run a little faster. My shuffle was just getting me up to the high 140's. My first mile was 14:34. And my HR stayed below 157 the whole time. I finished the last .72 miles at about 14:45 pace with avg HR around 159. On most previous runs, my pace has been well over 15:00 m/mi. Now there certainly could be many contributing factors to this "quicker" run today. Perhaps I was well hydrated. Humidity and temperature may have been lower than on previous runs. I dunno! Besides all that, what's my point? The point is not that I ran faster today. It is rather that I ran faster at the same effort. That's the big deal and if I continue to see workouts like this, it's a good sign that my aerobic fitness is improving. DUH!!!

Venue: Memorial Park
Total time: 25 minute continuous run
Total distance: 1.72 (according to Polar, which is still off)
Mile 1: 14:34
Remaining .72: 10:26
Calories burned: 434 (according to Polar)


TX Runner Girl said...

Hey, I was at the park this morning too! Sounds like you had a great run...and, WTG on registering for the Houston 1/2! Can't wait to read all about your training.

Running Rabbit said...

Great job! are **WAY** too kind on me with your comments. But they are none-the-less appreciated! **smack**

Bon said...

Woo! Go Vic! Its so gratifying to see your improvement!

BTW - you've inspired me to start training with a HRM on my next cycle. I think I'll have that testing done and make an honest to goodness 6-month long base building effort for a spring marathon.

Barbara said...

I ran with my HRM this morning but then shut it off before I looked at the info! Duh. At least I have an estimate in my head.