Monday, July 03, 2006

Quick report

Did my 30 minute run today.<

Total distance: 1.84 miles
Avg. pace: 16:18
mile 1: 16:20 min/mile (avg. HR: 151)
.84: 16:12 min/mile (avg. HR: 160)
Total calories burned: 429

I've hesitated to mention this before just because I thought it would just go away as I get stronger or gain a little fitness. Since I started back running about 8 weeks ago, my left foot has become numb after about 15 minutes of running. Not totally numb, just around the toes. This is my good foot by the way, not the one with the bad ankle. Well, of late, the numbness has subsided and on this run, I felt no numbness at all. I could attribute this to one of two things. Either I my gait was favoring my "good" foot, causing the numbness and now that I'm getting a little looser and stronger on the bad foot, it's n longer happening. Or, my fitness improvments, however small, now preclude my body's necessity to send all my blood to my brain and heart, just to keep me alive during even the lightest exercise. :) Still, it was nice not to experience that numbness.


Running Rabbit said...

Honey, what kind of shoes are you wearing? Maybe it's a shoe thing. But you should definitely NOT be feeling numbness.

Vic said...

I doubt it's the shoes. Although the Nimubus VIII is a lot different than the last model (VII).

Bon said...

Vic, I had the same problem after my first marathon. My feet swelled up like grapefruits and I had tremendous pain for a while, the numbness persisted off and on in my left foot for many months. The swelling had been pressing on a nerve in the "tarsal tunnel" - where nerves pass through the tarsals on the way to the toes. Custom orthotics alleviated the continued pressure I put on it by running and corrected it.

Sounds good that it's gone but if it comes back you probably want to talk to a podiatrist. I'm of the opinion that once you get your feet lined up everything else falls into place.