Thursday, July 13, 2006

Easy run on Thursday night

Well, tonight's run was a little under 2 miles. The format was as follows:

5 min warmup (143-152 bpm)
30 min easy (143-160 bpm)

It was very difficult to stay in the 143-160 range for the 30 minute easy run. I know the heat and humidity contributed to the difficulty but also my fitness has loooong way to go. One positive, though. At that effort, I can definitely go for a considerable amount of time. I don't know my limit but it's definitely more than 30 minutes. I guess that's what this active recovery zone is defined as though. As long as I stay below AT, I can go for a long time.

I made a mistake today that I will not forget for a long, long time. This morning, after doing my VO2 test, I showered and changed. I put my workout clothes in my bag to use again when I ran this evening. After all, I didn't sweat profusely or anything during the VO2 test. Well, when I got to the locker room at Memorial and opened up my bag, WHEW!!! My clothes stunk. And after I put them on, I STUNK!!! I hoped and prayed that I would not run into anyone I knew and have to stand and talk to them while thier eyes watered. Fortunately, I was the only sufferer. Lesson learned.


Barbara said...

Aw, sweat. A favorite topic of mine (not). Sad but true, I keep a couple of plastic bags from the grocery store. Even if I'm going to be taking my stinky clothes out of my gym bag 5 minutes later, I always put them in a bag and tie it up. My bag stays nice a lot longer (a fabulous, free Astros gym bag) but I also don't pass out whenever I unzip it.

I also keep my shower supplies in a separate bag like that. Nothing better than to find out I didn't get the cap to the shower gel fully closed and it's leaking all over my bag....

TX Runner Girl said...

Good lesson! I forgot to bring a plastic bag with me the 1st time I went to the park in the was the last time I forgot it!!!

Running Rabbit said...

Maybe you should keep a bottle of lovely smelling spritzer in your locker. A manly fragrance of course!

Cassie (TIGGS) said... you have to keep your heart rate low? I need more explanation..clueless!

Vic said...


I'm glad you asked 'cause it will give me a chance to make sure I have a good explanation down in my mind. I'll post more later.