Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Beautiful morning at Memorial

I did 30 comfortable minutes this morning at the park. I was this close to skipping this morning and sleeping in. Don't know why but I just kept hitting that snooze over and over. I know that as soon as I get up and get moving, I'm fine but it's just putting that first foot on the floor that's hard. I did it though and I'm sure glad I did. I love that feeling when I get in my car in the pre-dawn light and turn the radio on. I know where I'm going and what I'm about to be doing. Running. I can't wait.

Sorry for being such a kid about running. I just feel so blessed to have a life and 2 legs and feet and such a wonderful family. I just want to live my life to the fullest, yes, for me, but also for my family. My kids are doing sports this year for the first time. My 5 y/o and 10 y/o are playing soccer. I dream of being fit enough to just go to the park and kick the ball around with them. I see families at Memorial and over at TC Jester park, and the whole family is out there just running around the field playing soccer. For so long, if the ball went past me, I would say, "Go get the ball!" I don't want to do that any more. I want to run after that ball or race the kids to get it. Know what I mean?

My 13 y/o, who is obese like me, wants to play football this year. He's been exercising and eating right the past few weeks and I am soooooo proud of him. He's savoring his first taste of the active lifestyle and he's been remarking how good he feels. I know it's not too late for him. I think if we help him get control of his life (by setting a good example) he'll grow into his weight and have a better self-esteem. My prayer is for a healthy life for my children. I've gotta stop 'cause I'm tearing up here in the office. Someone's going to think I got fired or something. :)

Stats for the run:
Total time: 30 minutes
Total distance: 2.05 miles
Mile 1: 14:07 (151 avg HR)
Mile 2: 14:57 (157 avg HR)
last .05: 0:56 (162 avg HR)
Avg HR (total): 154
Calories burned: 523


Bon said...

Oh, that's so nice to hear about your kids. Sports are some of my best memories from school, and I've often thought about coaching to get some of that good stuff back in my life. If they stick with it they'll really have a great experience and base of friendships and support to get them through those rough high school years.

TX Runner Girl said...

I know what you mean about getting out of bed in the morning...that 1st step is hard, but after that it's great! I think you are setting a great example for your kids! That's become my reason for running, too.