Saturday, July 08, 2006

Day one of Katy Fit

Well, this morning was the first day of Katy Fit. On tap this morning was a pace finder run. The schedule stated that this was to be a 1 mile pace finder but when we toed up to the line for instructions, I learned that we were actually doing a 2 mile trial run, which for me is a moderate long run. Afterwards, we gathered for a little intro lecture. I happened to walk up just about the time it was concluding. Then we quickly met our group coaches who were handing out smart I.D. tags and then were on our merry way.

The run... Well, I must say it felt pretty awesome. I shed my HRM and distance pod and just ran. I kept an very even pace throughout the 2 miles. The trail is marked every .25 miles which I love. So, I did the 2 miles in 30:51, a pretty good pace for me. I wasn't pressing too hard. Just a nice easy pace. I had some left in the tank after I was done. We did a smart thing for this run which I'm not used to doing. We walked .5 miles before and after the actual 2 mile run. I walked briskly both before and after the run.

Schedule for next week:
Monday: 20 minutes
Tuesday: 25 minutes
Wednesday: off (I'll probably swim and do some weights)
Thursday: 20 minutes
Friday: off (swim)
Saturday: 3 miles
Sunday: off


Steve Bezner said...

Congrats on day 1. Sorry to miss you, perhaps next time.

Good Luck!

Barbara said...

Vic, I don't know about Katy Fit, but our club has all sorts of various groups. One is strictly walkers - they walk the entire marathon and train for it for 6 months. Those folks are up *very* early later in the season.

Then there are other groups that do a 5:1 or 9:1 (run 5 minutes, walk a minute, etc.) or 5:30's, etc.

Then we also have the regular pace groups - 8:30 and faster pace per mile, 8:30-10:00 pace, over 10:00 and so forth. I think the ones that do the walk/run combo (I'm into water breaks, especially this time of year) do really well overall.

Glad you had a great run! And ignore that Keith guy - feel free to whine about the heat and humidity in all future summer posts!

Humble Runner said...

You're well on your way to a successful race, no matter the distance. Good luck with KatyFIT.

Lisa said...

KatyFit sounds great! Good job on your run, too. :)

Running Rabbit said...

Good for You!

Dave Smart said...

Good luck- I'll be following your with my next door neighbor; she just started Woodlands Fit on Saturday, getting back into running after laying off a couple years. She was thrilled she found 4 people just "her speed" and she's training for the Houston half in Jan.

Cassie (TIGGS) said...