Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Tuesday workout

This morning was beautiful. I did 28 minutes continuous running. I averaged a little over 15:00 min/mile.

Couple of good things to think on. I maintained the 15 or so minutes/mile pace throughout the entire run. I'm usually tanking by the last 1/4 of my workouts but today I felt strong till the end. I think the 2.9 loop on Saturday was very good for me. Additionally, I did a few lunges on Sunday while standing in the kitchen talking to DW. I really had forgotten that I could do them comfortably now that my ankle is doing better. It helped me realized how totally out of shape I am. I did two sets of 10 on each leg and man did I feel it on Monday. Still, by this morning, I was fine and actually feeling a little stronger and I think it was because of the lunges. I'm going to incorporate those into my day 3 or 4 times per week. It's an exercise I can do anywhere.

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Running Rabbit said...

Good for you on that running! Keep at it!