Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Tuesday run and other thoughts

This morning's run went as planned if not better. I did 1.5 miles at 5R/3W/8R/3W/5R. I actually completed the 1.5 in 24 minutes. I landed on the .75 marker exactly 4 minutes into my 8 min run interval. I don't care a bit about pace so I'm not going to mention that I finished the 1.5 miles a whole 1:06 faster than the exact same workout last week. I'm not going to even mention that.

My body seems to be behaving as expected. I feel I am making gains each week. I felt very good today. As my wind is improving, I still need to be careful not to over-stress my musculo-skeletal system. I know for a fact that my knees are weak, my right ankle and calf muscle/tissues definitely need some work. I've got to hit the gym at least a couple times per week.

Now, the above is encouraging but I am very disappointed in another aspect of my so-called "new lifestyle." I talking about my nutrition, specifially, my calories. Ceratinly, without any question, my biggest impediment to improving my running and my fitness is my weight. For those of you that don't know me, I weigh 332 lbs (as of this morning). Yes, I used to be over 370 but that's irrelevant. I have failed terribly over these past few weeks to get my diet under control. I have had good days but overall, I am incosistent. When I started exercising almost 6 weeks ago, I weighed 340. I should be down around 320 or lower by now but I keep hanging around 330.

It is ridiculous to go out and run and pretend that I am getting back in shape, while I'm still stopping by Kroger on the way home to get a bag of double-dipped chocolate-covered peanuts (this was the case last night). I'm still eating too many calories at night and going to bed with too many carbs. Have I cut back, yes. But I still haven't in my mind and in my practice made the decisions to STOP EATING SO MUCH!!

Well, today it begins. I refuse to relegate my "new lifestyle" to 20-30 minutes of exercise 3 times per week. That's not a new lifestyle. That's just pretending. I'm smart. I've read all that's necessary to read about nutrition (of course, I learn something new everyday). I know how to use the internet. I have an awesome support group (bloggers, family, Striders). I've just been lazy with my nutrition. I am determined though to get this under control.

So, I begin today!


TX Runner Girl said...

Welcome back to the running world. The heat is awful, but it sounds like you are making good progress! I can relate to the nutrition thing...I run so I can eat, but I have a tendency to take it a little too far! Yummmm, double-dipped chocolate-covered peanuts does sound yummy. Just kidding, I think I like the sound of being thinner more. :-) You can do it!

jamoosh said...

Today it begins. We shall be watching and encouraging.

You can do it. Mind over matter and the matter is food and exercise.

I would wish you luck, but I think you know what needs to be done and luck has nothing to do with it.

Cassie (TIGGS) said...

I hear ya vic...i may be little but its a constant struggle for me to say no to food. I am ALWAYS hungry. No joke. Always.