Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Tuesday, 6 June workout

Here are the stat's on this morning's workout:

  • Total distance: 1.5 miles
  • Format: 5R/3W/8R/3W/6:06R
  • Perceived effort: Very easy

The ankle continues to feel good. I'm probably over-sensitive to how that right foot is striking. I found myself forcing my foot to pronate a bit before foot strike, trying to 'fix' my moderate under-pronation. I really think this is dangerous. I bought the Nimbus VIII because of it's neutral form. I need to let the shoe do the work and relax. When I did that, when I relaxed and stopped thinking about how my foot was striking, it felt really good and natural. I also need to continue to stretch a lot. Especially my calf and soleus.


Holden said...

You rock! Will you be ready to run a 5K by August? If so, HRB is meeting up in the Woodlands at that time.

Vic said...

I think I'll definitely be ready for a 5K in August. If not, I'm in trouble. I'd love to put a race down on my blog under upcoming races. Is it RTW?

TX Runner Girl said...

Glad you're back to running. Take care of that ankle!