Saturday, June 24, 2006

Head treats Heart to Saturday evening special!

Heart:I think we should run the entire Memorial loop this evening. How about it, Head?

Head:That's not very smart. That's almost twice the distance we've run since the ankle surgery. Don't be silly.

Heart:But I feel strong. It's cool out this evening. C'mon, I'll go slow.

Head:Absolutely not!!!

Heart:How about if we take one minute walk breaks every .25 miles? Then we can go all the way around and not hurt Foot.

Head:I'll make a deal with you. We'll go all the way around. That's 2.9 miles. BUT!!!...We're going to use my special formula. Stay with me on this, Heart. We going to run .25, walk .25, run .5, walk .25, run .75. walk .25, then finish with .65 run. You got that?

Heart:I'm very confused. Wouldn't it be easier just to run all the way around?

Head:Listen, Heart! It's my way or the highway.

Heart:Run on the highway? That sounds cool!

Head:No, silly. I mean it's my way or not at all!

Heart:Oh! Well, it's your way then. Let's go.

After the 2.9 mile loop...

Heart (near death):Thanks so much, Head, for letting me do the loop. You're the best friend a guy could ever have. Let me know if I can do something for you some time. Oh, I'm going away now. I'll be back in about 3 months. You can look after things till I get back, right?

Head (with an attitude):Sure, no problem. If you need 6 months, that's fine. Take all the time off your need.


Humble Runner said...

That was GREAT! I'm still laughing. Great job... I think?

Barbara said...

And I'm very glad to hear you didn't run on the highway! That would really be taking your life into your own hands.

Great job!

Sarah said...

Oh that silly, silly heart. ;) Glad to hear you made it and Heart apparently hadn't died after all!

TX Runner Girl said...

Great post! Great job on your loop!