Thursday, June 01, 2006

Daddy's got a new pair of shoes (certainly not an original title)

Made it over to Luke's Locker on Monday (Memorial Day) for a new pair of shoes. I really lost track of the mileage on my last pair. So, partly because I wanted to start over keeping track of my shoes' mileage, partly because I'm at ANOTHER starting over point, and partly because I wanted to avoid injury by possibly running in shoes that were broken down, I bought these new Nimbus VIII's.

I really intended to buy a new pair of the Nimbus VII's as before but these new models were out so I went for it. Asics seems very responsive to feedback from their customers. The new VIII's have a bit more snug toe box as the previous VII's had really gone to far in the 'roomy feel' department. Also new to the VIII's is that the Nimubus now comes in various widths. Guess they didn't want to disappoint the few who like the roomyness of the VII's. The last BIG difference is that they closed up the mesh material around the toe box. To be more breathable, the VII's basically just had a 'net' mesh around the toe. You could actually see your sock through the top of the shoe. Although it was cool and very breathable, the holes were big enough for pebbles to get into. So, they closed the shoe back up. It's still very breathable, though.

I ran in them for the first time this morning and they felt great. I really feel like I'm 'in' this shoe. It feels like it's really part of my leg, ankle, and foot. Not like I'm fighting it. The cushioning is great as expected from Asics.

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Humble Runner said...

How's the run/walk program going? Is the ankle stronger? Keep us updated.