Thursday, June 15, 2006

Almost chilly this morning???

This morning was glorious, almost cool. Got to Memorial around 6:00 am. After stretching, I did my planned 10R/3W/10R. I walked another :43 at the end to finish my 1.5 miles.

This morning, for a treat (an expensive treat if you ask me) I had a smoothie at my gym where I go to shower/shave. They have frozen fruit of all kinds. I had a blueberry, raspberry, strawberry with a scoop of protein (25g). When she was making the thing she went over to what looked like an ice cream machine and proceeded to dispense what I would recognize as Dairy Queen ice cream. "OH NO!," I said to myself. But while I was paying, I asked her what that was and she said it was sugar-free soy yogurt. Well, that was good. I didn't have to throw it away. It is sooooo yummy. I'm just finishing it up now.

Well, I'm really looking forward to Saturday. I'm scheduled for a 25 minute continuous run. I believe that 12.5 minutes (the halfway point) will put me slightly past the .75 marker so I'll probably go where this man hasn't gone in a long, long the 1 mile marker. Then I'll finish up the 2 miles with a brisk walk after 25 minutes.

I really find myself getting anxious between runs. I can hardly wait a whole 48 hours to run again. I know though that at this time, the 1 day rest is necessary. Hopefully, by the time Katy Fit starts, I'll be strong enough to add an extra day.


Humble Runner said...

Your grabbing this "running thing" by the horns. Congrats!

TX Runner Girl said...

cool weather, what's that? Glad you had a good run & a good smoothie!

atownrunner said...

I already ran 6 miles today, but your post makes me want to go run again. Keep on runnin'.