Thursday, June 22, 2006

Count-down to launch

I'd love to have one of those nifty little dhtml countdown timers to countdown to tonight's 2006 debut of Roger Clemens and the Astros. Right now, we're 8 hours and some minutes from Rocket launch. I'm kind of excited about the game tonight. Last night's game was awesome. I think it's going to be a great run to the end. Burns me up, though when people are talking about shooting for a Wild Card slot. Who's to say we can't win the division. I mean we're only 6 games back. Is St. Louis that untouchable? Kevin Yanik of says,

"Clemens won 13 for the Astros in 2005. This season, he'll probably start about 20 times, and another 13 wins might be enough to propel the Astros to that Wild Card once again."

Another 13 wins by Clemens and I predict we're Division champs. How stupid to start talking wild card.

Ran my 25 minutes this am. Estimated run of 1.65 miles and a walk for the remaining .35. Total 2 miles. It was sooooo humid, or something. I was soaked. Felt GREAT!!! I love it so much.

I had to run with my beeper this morning. I was soooo worried that I would get beeped. I actually did get beeped but it was after I was finished running and had only a few minutes left to finish walking my 3 miles. Fortunately, it was a low priority call and could wait until I get to the office. Which begs the question, "Why am I getting beeped for something I can take care of when I get to the office?" Oh well, it's just good to be in demand I guess.

When I got to the Wellness Center, I did a little swimming. I wasn't planing on doing any swimming this morning. I only had my running shorts and no goggles. This is my first official swim workout. Since I don't really know what to do (training-wise), I just did 100 yards. I did a little freestyle but mostly breaststroke. I'll do better next time.

Sarah or Jessica, I need to talk to you about swim workout programs. Every progam that I find on the net is too ambitious for me. They are not suited for first-time swimmers.


Sarah said...

I'd be happy to share a couple of the beginner workouts from the program I'm doing. I took both schedules, so I have the beginner ones even though I'm following the intermediate schedule.

They assume you're doing freestyle, but you could substitute some breaststroke while you work up to more freestyle.

Bonnie said...

Great job on the workout Vic. I know what you mean about feeling great after getting all sweaty on a hot day! Makes you feel like you've worked your butt off! Keep it up!