Saturday, June 10, 2006

Holy Heat Stroke!!!

I made my first entree into the summer heat yesterday. Man, it's soooo different running in the heat. I really need to do it more often to get better acclimated. Since starting back running about 5 weeks ago, all my runs have been during the morning hours. Well yesterday, to fit my workout into my Friday schedule, which I won't even try to go into right now, I arrived at Memorial Park around 3:50. The temp in my car said 98. I'm quite sure though, according to how it felt, that the humidity was low. Anyway, I was not able to complete my workout as planned. I had to make some adjustments.

The plan:
      8 min run/5 min walk/8 min run

What actually happened:
      8 min run/5 min walk/3 min run/5 minute sorta a few a minute(sorta)...walk...

I wonder about something though. I haven't strapped on the HRM yet but I wonder if during the whole a few seconds...walk... if my HR stayed about the same. My guess is that I kept it pretty steady which is a good thing. I never really got out of breath and made sure to stay conversational the whole way through. That's really how I want to target all my workouts for now.

Anyway, despite the heat, I thoroughly enjoyed the workout. I'm just so thankful and happy to be out running again. The ankle continues to be pain-free and seems to be gaining some strength. I'm going to continue to take it very easy with musculo-skeletal strength being as much if not more a goal as aeorbic conditioning, if that makes sense.

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atownrunner said...

I don't wanna think about how many times I've stopped to walk during my runs in the past week. The heat is brutal, but I'm trying to work through it. I know it'll pay off if I can just keep being smart about it and not overdo it.