Thursday, June 01, 2006

Out on a limb

Ok, I'm going out on a limb and say, "I'm back!" This morning sealed it for me. It was 6:30 am and I arrived at Memorial Park in my new Nimbus VIII's feeling pretty chipper. For the past year and a half, I've been skeptical of feeling this spirited, knowing that my ankle joint would soon put all my feelings in perspective. But lately, for the past few weeks, my ankle has failed to rear it's ugly head and I have managed to get through several beginner workouts without much bother. I've been piddling around with intervals of 1.5 min run followed by 1.5 min walk. Well, this morning, I decided I'd really get a good workout in. So, I did 1.5 miles with intervals of 5R/1W. I ended up doing 4 reps, finishing my last interval with a 5:39 run.

Finally, since I can't remember when, I feel like I wasn't working on my ankle today. I felt like I was working on my running. The ankle felt stable and was completely pain-free, even after the run and during the day.

So, this new positive turn has led to many thoughts today. One of the most scary but also exciting thoughts I entertained today was the thought of possibly training to run the Houston Marathon in '08. That's only about 7 months away and I'm currently only able to run about 1.5 miles at about 15 min/mile pace. Still, I do have some running experience. I know the importance of staying injury free. I know when to push and when not to. I know the difference between good pain and bad pain. So, even though I wouldn't be at the ideal 1 year away mark, I think I still may be able to do it and stay conservative. I know this may not be the best place to seek advice as many of you are nothing but encouragers, but I really need to know what you all think. I would certainly go into it knowing full well that 7 months is tough to start from scratch and that I may have to dial it back to the half. Still, I'd like to give it a try. I feel so cheated by my ankle. I was really doing well back in Jan/Feb. '05 and I feel now, one year after my surgery, that I have a new lease on life (my running life, anyway). I guess it's a few more weeks until Katy Fit starts so I may just see how it goes over the next two or three weeks, taking care not to overdo it. Comments welcome!


atownrunner said...

Lots of thoughts and I'll try not to be overencouraging, though this group is a great bunch of encouragers.
I don't know if I'd plan on it now, it would be my goal and I would test my level of readiness along the way. There are races of shorter distances between now and the marathon that will test you and show you if you are capable of the full 26.2.
My suggestion - devise a plan with short term goals along the way.
Does that help?
I have more if you'd like.

Vic said...

more, more, more! :)

Keith said...

The path is the goal. You're there already.


Sarah said...

Vic's back! Allright! Woohoo!

No specific advice, I just like to cheer. :)

elf said...

I think Edwin has it exactly right. Make the marathon be your goal, but test yourself along the way, and be prepared to dial it back to the half-marathon and not think twice about it if you aren't quite making the progress you need to.

Keithfucious has an excellent point as well (graduate students are very wise :) ). You're already back at it--that's a big challenge in and of itself. Congratulations on getting off to such a great start after a long injury battle!

Good luck, Vic!


atownrunner said...

got any questions. I'm sure i have more advice, but i need specifics.

Cassie (TIGGS) said...

VIC!!!!!!!!!!!!! ur back!!! WOOT!!

My advice (but kleep in mind I haven't raced in AGES)- try for the full, but be mentally prepared to do half. I LOVE the Houston half. You get to turn around and go to the end while the rest have to keep going and going and going!