Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Short walk/jog per Drs. R & N

It's Wednesday and tonight was week 2 of PIM (Power in Motion). My plan tonight was to just show up to see some friends and get some free water but I ended up running into the Koala folks. Drs. Nell and Rodriguez were on hand and after a bit of pleading, I talked them into letting me run a little since the ankle has been feeling better. What a great present they gave to this depressed runner. I had to promise if there was any burning or if my gait began to change in any way, I would stop.

I ended up doing 5 x 2walk/1jog. It was just about 3/4 of a mile. Still, it felt really good. I had done weights earlier this afternoon and some very, very light calf work. I think the short jog and the weights were just the right amount of stress at this point. Now, I'll rest and recover. I'm due at Koala on Friday morning for treatment which I think fits perfectly into the plan. I may even be able to repeat my light workout on Saturday morning. It was great tonight to see fellow Striders/bloggers/friends. I talked with Andrea Chan a little about cycling. I told her I wanted to do a tri one day. Andrea is riding a Cannondale R500 currently. She said she did her first tri on a hybrid which made me feel better about not having to drop so much money just to get into it. I ran into Brett Riley who was going out for a 10-miler. I saw him again later, flying by everyone during my run. Also, it was great to talk injuries, stretching, and pets with fellow blogger/Strider/friend Cassie. Cassie will be running in the HARRA Cross Country Team Relay on Saturday along with a ton of other Striders. I'm planning on being on had for moral support and to take some pictures. That's all for now.


lisaleese said...

Glad to see you're moving again!

Cassie (TIGGS) said...

great to see you again and thrilled you got to run a bit! yay!! I ride a Trek 1500 WSD. I LOVE IT!!!

Jessica, a Houston Runner said...

Yeah:) can't wait to see ya again!