Monday, September 05, 2005

RW running blogs article (Oct issue)

My October issue of Runner's World has been sitting on the kitchen counter for a couple of days. I just opened it up on the way to work tonight (on the bus) and found something cool. The Training column for this issue is an article on How using a 'training blog' can help you get fit and focused. It's on p. 33 if any of you have your issue.

Interestingly, they actually included addresses to a couple of blogs. One is Alison Wade's Good blog. Former Olympian Joan Nesbit Mabe's blog at is maintained to inspire other runners. Australian runner David Bray gets feedback on his blog at from runners in the US, many of whom are training for the same international races.

So, looks like the running community has really embraced the whole blog thing. I think it's awesome. Just remember, before Runner's World ever reported on runners keeping weblogs, Jon Walk was reporting on it for Stridelines, the monthly newsletter of the Houston Striders. Way to be on the cutting edge, Jon!!!

2 comments: said...

Vic, much of the credit goes to Steve on that one. He asked me if I would do it. I just wrote it. :)

And I'm pretty excited that I've been invited as of today (and I accepted) to be on a discussion panel at the RRCA National Convention in '06 with RTN/ITR's Lance Phegley and the winner of the RRCA website competition (whoever will be brought in to receive their award.)

Which means I need those same logos as Cassie, including the RRCA one!

Jessica, a Houston Runner said...

Way to go, Striders!