Thursday, August 18, 2005

What's with the SPAM???

Fellow bloggers. I think I've done too good a job of advertising my blog. I have been inundated with SPAM in my comments. Fortunately, I can delete them. Two things may be have caused this. One, I changed who can post from 'Registered Users' to 'Anyone'. But still, how would anyone find so quickly. Secondly, and this is probably the most likely thing to bring all the spam is I posted my blog address to my forumites on Runners World forums. I wasn't really thinking. I would never, for instance, post my actual e-mail address on there. I would always put something like 'vickaiser1 at yahoo dot com'. I guees it never occurred to me that blogs could get spammed like this. should have a feature to review comments before they are actually posted to the blog. I know Lisa can review comments on her blog before they are posted. She uses another engine, though. Jon said that he get's spam 'occasionally' on his blog. This surprises me since his blog is much more popular than mine and has been around a long time. Anyone have the same problem? Any suggestions would be appreciated.


lisaleese said...

SPAM is unfortunately a bad way of life in blogs. I have special software that filters is out. However, blogger has a few ideas:

This requires each commenter to type in a particular randomly generated word on a page to prove they're human beings..

Good luck!

Cassie (TIGGS) said...

this is weird and as soon as I write this it will probably change, but I have never had a SPAM comment in over a year of blogging!