Monday, August 22, 2005

1.5 miles (Father and Son)

Great day all around!!! I started school this morning. I was registered for 2 classes but it looks like with all the other things going on this fall, I'm going to end up taking only 1 class. So, I dropped Differential Equations.

Got home from school (after working all night) around 12:40p and was dead tired. Jan (wifeypoo) had left me a note that she would pick up the kids for me since I was probably tired and we had not found anyone to pick them up on the days I go to school. So, I got to sleep until around 7. I woke up surprisingly refreshed. I really had running on the brain and wanted to get out but it was getting dark.

I've been putting off going back to Memorial but wanted to run so badly and needing a lighted track, so I went over there. My son, Dalton, wanted to join me and we set out aroung 8pm. I was thrilled Dalton wanted to come with me, partly because he needs the activity but also because he's at that age (12) where he doesn't really want anything to do with Dad and Dad's always wrong and Dad's always bugging me. We had a great conversation on the way to the park. We talked about music and skateboarding mostly.

I started my slow jog and Dalton wanted to walk. The plan was when he sees me coming back (I ran an out and back route), he can turn around and start walking back. On the return leg, we were together most of the way. He picked up his walking pace and I maintained my jog. We both were conversational and took advantage of that by talking more about a lot of stuff. It was really a great time for me.

So here are the stats:
Distance - 1.5 miles
Total time - 24:23
Avg pace - 16:15 (down 16:53 avg pace last week)
Link to my out and back route.

Oh, I almost forgot, the ankle felt good again. It only hurt after the run. Funny thing was it was a different kind of hurt. It was sort of an exhaused, workout kind of hurt. Not a stiff, atrophied tendon kind. It's testament to the fact that it's getting better as the 'ankle' subject was relegated to this last paragraph.


maggie said...

Great to hear that your ankle is fine now. Tired kinda 'hurt' is alright i guess for the ankle, but if its really hurt, do take care of it!

lisaleese said...

As you get more experienced in running, you'll find you can determine the "bad" pain from the "good" pain. How is it feeling today?

Vic said...

Ya know, after running last night, I worked through the night. Let me just say that it was not comfortable but it really did not hurt too badly. You are sooooo right. Since my surgery and especially since walking/jogging on my ankle, I can really distinguish this pain from the pain I had before surgery. It's hard to describe but this doesn't feel 'inflammatory' or like something is wrong. This just feels tight like something that is wound up and needs to be loosened.

Cassie (TIGGS) said...

I wonder if you are like me- constantly, obsessively listening to your ankle to see if there is even a hint of pain or soreness. I am so into paying attention to my leg it makes the running not so fun. I'm trying to get past it, but it's hard!! LOL!