Saturday, August 20, 2005

Saturday morning run

I took off work last night for a couple of reasons. One, I'm just tired of working. I've worked a lot of OT the last few weeks trying to put some money away and am just worn out. Secondly, I just wanted awfully bad to get up on Saturday morning for an early morning run. It's really my favorite time of the week to run and it's just been too long since I've even been able to do that.

It was a beautiful morning at TC Jester park. I arrived at 6:30 (first light) and there were only a few cars there. I noted walking to the stretching area that my ankle felt pretty good but I didn't want to get my hopes up. After stretching, I headed south and to my amazement, my ankle felt no pain at all. Well, on a scale of 1-10, maybe a 1 or 2 but I'm used to running at a 6-7. After I warmed up a little, the pain subsided even more. I was afraid maybe I was favoring that right leg so I tried to concentrate on a good toe push off the right (bad) foot and although I could feel it a little more, really it felt great. I actually started 'listening' to other parts of my body (e.g. my left knee, my back, my little toe on my left foot). Ususally I can't hear these because my ankle is yellin' so loud.

I did a little longer run today and actually felt like going a full 2 miles. I just want to continue to be paient and build gradually.

So, here are the stats.
1.55 miles
26:25 minutes
avg. pace - 17:02 min/mile
temp - 77*C
humidity - 92%
Click here to see my route today. It's kind of confusing since I started and ended up at the same place. So at that starting point by the pool, I went out and back to the south, then continued north for a short out and back leg, finishing where I started.

Weekly Stats
Total miles - 4.1
longest run - 1.55
avg pace - 16:53

I hope everyone can see that I'm not too proud to post these times. I'm very proud of not being a proud person. :)


lisaleese said...

Good run, Vic! Your patience is paying off. I wish more people coming back from an injury (read: Lisa) would be like you :)

Dais said...

WTG Vic! Glad to hear that your ankle is starting to feel a lot better... You make it sound like coming back from ankle reconstruction is a PIECE OF CAKE! ;) "Eye don't cumplain!" said...

I agree with Lisa. I'm Mr. Stubborn here and I hated it for my body to tell me, "You can't do this right now!"