Sunday, August 28, 2005

More Houston Bloggers 5K pics

I'm definitely a digital photo newbie. I got these pics up on but I don't really like the viewing page. In the future I think I'll use something else. I think photobucket may be good for photo storage and linking (like for e-bay or for websites and stuff) but not good for sharing and album viewing and stuff like that. I do like the way the pic looks uploaded right to the blog through this WYSIWYG editor. Anyway, suggestions welcome for sharing pics. Free and unlimited is of course best.

Click here to view pics


Jessica, a Houston Runner said...

The pics turned out great...I actually have a few photo storage ideas if you would like to email me:

lisaleese said...

Ah, Vic, you photo hound, you! I have always used, which is now easy uploading and easy share.. and FREE FREE FREE baby!

Your running is coming along GREAT!!!!

Holden said...

Hi VIc,

I took a couple of pictures from you. I've used one of it on my site. Thanks for taking the pics. Hopefully, you'd be able to run on the next one.

I personally use

Jen said...

Cool pics, Vic.....thanks for sharing them with us! And it was great meeting you on Saturday....and thanks for the encouraging words you left in the comments on my blog. :)