Sunday, August 28, 2005

Sunday's workout (a few 'comeback' PR's for me)

I was off work last night so I got to do a morning run at Memorial Park this morning. It was a beautiful morning and all the beautiful people were out.

After a pretty long stretching session, I completed 2 slow miles at a converstational pace. The ankle pain was about a 2-3 out of 10, a little higher than the last couple of runs. However, I felt very comfortable with today's run. A couple 'comeback' PR's this morning which you can see in the stats to follow:

Total distance: 2 miles
Time: 31:07 (PR for 2 mile run)
Avg. pace: 15:33 (PR for 2 mile training run, PR for any training run)
mile splits: 15:24 (PR for any 1 mile)/15:42
weekly miles: 6.8 (PR)
avg weekly pace: 15:58 (PR by almost 1 minute)

Link to my route

Happy day for me!!!

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