Friday, July 25, 2008

Now the work begins

I spent some time and energy last week while on vacation thinking about and practicing the healthy lifestyle and had some success. This week has been all about how to incorporate that into my "normal", non-vacation life. Challenges this week included an office party on Monday at Bakers Street Pub featuring 3 solid hours of sliders, buffalo wings, artichoke dip, chicken fingers, etc. Looking out the window of the Pub, it seemed like just yesterday I was limping into the restaraunt after running the 30K. That was a fun day!!! Matt, Bessie, June, Steeeve, Barb, Jim, Matt's mom, SteveB. I remember it vividly...

Back to this week's challenges. So, one of the biggest challenges almost a month now into the healthy lifestyle is the retarded, perverted, idiotic thought process that says, "You've done good for a couple weeks now. You deserve a reward." A REWARD?!?! As in JUNK FOOD?!?!? That's so retarded. How is it a reward to partake of something that has haunted my life for so long? How is it rewarding to digress, regress? I'm trying to PRO-gress!!! So, I think I'm going to "reward" my success with a visit to the Farmer's Market tomorrow morning after my run. I think I'll reward myself with some of those big beautiful strawberries they sell out in front of the market, fresh-from-the-farm. And maybe I'll treat myself to some of that beautiful salmon that is always on display at Whole Foods but always too expensive to buy. Maybe I'll find a new recipe and spend the afternoon tomorrow cooking a fresh, healthy supper for my family. Maybe I'll get the kids to help. Maybe I'll treat myself to some new artwork for my office. Like this:

I've got to re-think this whole "reward" thing. I need to undo my perverted way of thinking. So, that's what I'm going to do.

I kind of got off track with my workouts this week. Running Saturday AND Sunday was not in the plan and I needed a rest on Monday, my regular running day. Tuesday is a regular day off but I probably should have run. I didn't. So, Wednesday, I was intent on getting a good run in. I dodged the storms Wednesday afternoon and did a WHOLE LOOP at Mem Park. Yes, the whole loop. Only walk breaks were for water. Oh, and the last .4 miles. :D I did 30 minutes of walking last night so no running Thursday. I don't want to run today because I'm running in the morning. So, this week is turning out to be just 2 days of running, Wednesday and Saturday. I think it's critical for me to just make a schedule and stick to it. No extra running no skipping workouts. Or maybe I just ought to run every day if I feel like it and quit worrying about recovery. Recovery, schmecovery! MUST - LOSE - WEIGHT!!!

I'm looking forward to a great weekend. Should be hot so be careful out there.


Tiggs said...

Hmmm. I think you are on the right track. Stop having food as any part of the reward equation. Why is there a reward equation for living a more healthy lifestyle anyway? Isn't the better the health the reward? Of course, I remember when I was working so hard to drop my weight....that was 6 years ago and I've kept it off! Back then, the idea of reward food was very real because I hadn't fully made a lifestyle change. I've since made it and although its hard, every day food becomes a little more "just food" than anything else. I think you are on the right track.

I know you might be thinking "Whatever dude, you make and eat cupcakes!" and I hear ya. But during the full year it took me to drop the weight, you wouldn't catch me with a cupcake unless it was my birthday! Once I got to where I wanted to be and figured out how much exercise I have to do to stay there I was able to have some of the "no-no" foods again. And you'll get there too...and hopefully by then the way you look at the food will have changed. I can eat one cupcake and have 23 still sitting in front of me and not eat another one. It took a LONG time for me to get to that place. And somedays I still have to fight it- I don't always win either- but 99% of the time I do.

As for "expensive" food-- yeh, it sucks. Organic milk is $7 freaking dollars a gallon! And I drink A LOT of milk! But the fresh food is a whole lot better for you and worth it...

Humble Runner said...

Did I read your post right? Did you just call me a RETARD?

How dare you make fun of my 10,000-calorie free meals!!

Just kidding. Good job Vic, very insightful post and comment by the ever-so-knowledgeable Triggs.


Vic said...

Bill, I hope you're joking around. No way, no how were my comments directed at you.

I just can't cope with the reward thing. It takes me waaaay off track. I'm not talking about increaisng calories one day out of the week. In fact, I've read that this is a good thing. It let's your body know, "Hey, you're not starving. Don't you dare start shutting down now." Sort of keeping the coals burning. But I just can't do the "reward" thing.

Humble Runner said...

No worries, Vic. I was messin' with you!!!

I'm the worlds worst about 'rewarding' myself with FOOD. I was making fun of my horrific free meals, which consistently thrown me into a dieting tailspin...

TX Runner Girl said...

Vic, just know that you're not the only one who wants the reward of food for eating heathly! LOL, it terrible isn't it? But, I've noticed that the longer I am on the wagon with the healthier eating, the less I want those reward splurges. Unfortunately, I am not at that point right now. :-) We'll both get there!

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