Friday, July 06, 2007

Well, I DON'T KNOW!!!

I struggling here a bit. Lately, I'm constantly on the NYC Marathon site looking at hotel prices and travel expenses wondering why in the world I would spend $2000 to go to New York, BY MYSELF, to run a marathon. Yes, yes, I know. It's THE NEW YORK CITY MARATHON!!! Well big whoopie! Will Rose be there? Will Bez be there to run me in the last half mile, running in his sandals, with Coach Steeeve talking trash, and Matt talking on the phone reporting in that "We've got him!"? Will Bessie be there to give me her medal in case I don't make the cutoff? Will my wife and kids be there, navigating the course like veterans, cheering me on all along? Will Christy be there parked at mile 23 to run with me for one of those last miles? Will the Striders' water station be set up at mile 21.5, a site for sore eyes and numb feet?

All the things that made Houston one of the most memorable experiences in my life just won't be there. Now don't get me wrong. I'm not saying that I have to have that every time I race but dang it if I'm going to pay $2000 JUST to run a marathon.

So, I'm seriously considering deferring my entry to next year when possibly more people I know will be there. However, I know Cassie will be there and a number of other Striders so I will know some people.

The real reason I'm having second thoughts is honestly the money. I really don't have it right now. My pattern would be to pay for what I want now and worry about the bills later but this would really set me back. DW wants me to do what I want to do but she just admitted to me that she would rather save some money and take the whole family for a family vacation next year.

I guess while I'm deciding, I'll just keep running.

I've been trying some different things with my shoes. I purchased a new pair of Nimbus a couple of weeks ago. Asics really changed the way the new model (Nimbus 9) fits. I hate it when they do that. Anyway, for the first time, the Nimbus rubbed massive blisters on my arches. I've worn the Nimbus V, VI, VII, and VIII and none of them have fit like this. So, the folks at Luke's sold me some really nice inserts. They feel good on the arches but because my arches are so high, and the top of my foot is raised, the shoe feels too tight over the top of my foot. When I loosen the laces too much, I feel like my heel is coming out of the back of the shoe.

So, I've laced the shoes every other hole and done a runner's knot at the top. It seemed to be working well this week but yesterday I woke with a really bad dull pain in my right ankle. I think it's just my feet getting used to the arches. It still hurt this morning so I skipped this morning's 5 miler, not wanting to spoil my long run tomorrow. It's feeling pretty good tonight. I'm feeling good and ready for the morning. Better get to sleep.


txrunnergirl said...

Vic, I can totally understand the NYC situation. Going to Chicago last year was not cheap! I decided that since we have some pretty lofty financial goals and we're paying for a large chunk of grad school, that I'd forego any more out of state marathons for awhile. BTW, the same thing happened to me with my trusty running shoes a couple of years ago. I eventually had to go with a different shoe. Grrr...

Steve Bezner said...

Yep, I would defer. Here are 5 quick reasons, plus all of yours.

1. You get to do all the warm up races. (possibly PR's)
2. You won't be running extra in the fall when everyone else is running less for Houston.
3. You can relay on fellow Striders for motivation and inspiration.
4. You'll be a better run next year to prepare for NY on your own.
5. I get to run you in with my Sandals at Houston!

Anonymous said...

You started marathon training on July 2nd. By July 7th you have contemplated cutting back on the training and already have doubts. Defer the marathon like all the other bloggers who are not going to be ready(except for Cassie) and train hard for Houston. Lose weight and be dedicated to your training. Win the bet and get Miss Bil in a pretty sundress. I am glad we had this talk.

pika said...

If your concern is people there for you ... um, hello, that's what us RWOL folk do for out of towners. ;)

But seriously, if you're having doubts you need to ask yourself if it's nerves or if you're trying to tell yourself something. If it's the first - then work through it, if it's the second (and only you know the difference), then by all means defer and know that when you're ready you'll be good to go.

In the meantime, remember there are lots of folks behind you no matter what you decide.

J~Mom said...

It would be a tough decision for me but I think I would defer as well.

Sarah said...

Tough decision. I know if it were me, I'd be there. But I don't have the same concerns -- namely a family to take care of. Good luck with the decision. With any luck, I'll get into NYC next year...