Monday, July 23, 2007

On track

Well, week one of the 26-week dash to 250 pounds is over and the results are in. Here are the results.

In summary, I'm down 3.3 pounds from the scale and trending down 1.9 for the week. That's more than acceptable for me, especially considering the little mid-week hiccup involving a couple Burrito Supremes. :(

I was thinking last night about the Fired up 5K and what is possible as I shoot for a 5K PR. My current 5K PR is rather anomalous compared to my other distances. I ran a 36:45 on January 15th, 2005 at the Houston Press 5K. The race was run in near perfect conditions around 35 degrees and I remember being very pumped up. I averaged 11:50 pace. My next closest 5K was last year's Fired Up 5K where I ran a 40:51.

Looking forward 6 weeks from now to the Fired up 5K, the plan now is to let physics work for me. I should be at about 286-288, down 12 more pounds, by race day so that should help. I'd completely FREAK OUT if I were able to go sub-35 (11:15 pace) but would be plenty happy with ANY PR. There's a lot of training to do between now and then so let me get off this blog and back to work so I can be free to run some 30/30's this evening.


Anonymous said...

Yessir, you are on the right track for a 5k PR. With almost 3 years since your last 5k PR that would be quite an accomplishment.


txrunnergirl said...

Keep up the good work Vic!