Sunday, July 15, 2007


The rain through this morning and the cloud cover gave us a bit of relief today from the heat. I planned on getting up early this morning to do my long run but it had been storming pretty hard through the night and I wasn't ready for a mud bath. So...then I planned on running long this evening but that plan was thwarted as well since DW was going somewhere and I needed to watch the kids. The only choice was a noontime, heat of the day run and I needed 9 miles.

It was warm but not unbearable. I ran pretty well. I ask myself, "Do I really believe what they say about long runs? That you just need to get the mileage in and the most important thing is time on your feet." If I believe that, and I do, then today's run was a success...mission accomplished. But it wasn't pretty and it wasn't speedy.

Total distance - 9 miles
Venue - Memorial Park to the Bayou goat trails and back
Splits - 14:49 / 14:47 / 14:57 / 14:54 / 14:53 / 15:18 / 14:15 / 14:52 / 13:36
Total time - 2:12:25
Average pace - 14:43

OK, the good news:

  • I did 9 at a better pace than I did 8 last week.
  • I can walk (I don't feel like I was run over by a truck.)
  • My last 3 miles were an average 28 seconds faster than the average pace for the entire 9 miles.
  • Next week is a cutback week!

So, I finished another 20+ mile week and the middle of the July finds me at about 45 miles for the month, about 12 miles ahead of this time last month. I consider that progress. Any way you slice it, I'm having a ton of fun.


TX Runner Girl said...

Looks like a successful 9-miler to me! Keep up the great work Vic!

Anonymous said...

So weird that yesterday was runnable at noon. Well done taking full advantage!


L*I*S*A said...

Great work, Vic!!

Steve Bezner said...

Why do I have this feeling that we are going to be paying the piper come September and October for this weather?

Anonymous said...

Bezner, now you stop that this instant! Steeeve