Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Blow it up

Of course it's July 4th. And what does that mean for just about every red-blooded American man on the night of Independence Day? FIREWORKS!!! We paid a visit this afternoon to the Black Cat Warehouse and pretty much blew a fortune on what was the biggest show on the block.

I know I'll hate myself in the morning when I go to balance the checkbook but man was that fun? And the kids faces made it all worth it. Of course it's 10:30 now and the rest of Fairfield is still going strong.

I did end up getting my 3 miles in. It wasn't pretty but I got 'er done. I definitely found myself going into mile 3 with a severe fuel problem. I crashed like I've never crashed before on a 3 miler. Prior to the run, I was at only about 800 calories for the day and that was after being over 1500 calories in the hole on Tuesday. Good for weight loss. Bad for marathon training. Like coach says, maximum weight loss and maximum marathon training do not go together. Oh well, if I can all but crawl across the finish of New York at a lean, mean 270, I'll be very, very happy.

Total distance - 3 miles
Venue - Fairfield 3 mile loop
Mile 1 - 13:53
Mile 2 - 14:36
Mile 3 - 15:09 (numerous walk breaks)
Average pace - 14:37
Total time - 43:40

Not the best choices tonight for dinner. Unfortunately, I was blindsided when I came in the door from my run, famished, thirsty, and on the prowl for sustenance. Well, dinner was served before I had a chance to be strong and come up with another plan. Three pieces of fried chicken later, I exclaim, "That was gross!!!" It really was. No harm done though. I still hit a 1300 calorie deficit today so all is well.

Nite all!! Peace out!


J~Mom said...

Did you know it is illegal to handle fireworks in AZ? We don't get that fun of having our own shows. I was in OK one year and got to buy our own from a little stand and set them off. That is really so much fun!

txrunnergirl said...

Sounds like you had a good time blowing stuff up! LOL, we live in the city and still managed to have some great shows going on in our 'hood. Great job on getting those miles in!