Monday, July 23, 2007

Livin' a dream

First of all, Matt and Bessie, I made it home without stopping for a DQ Blizzard. Actually, I made it all the way home, past 3 McDonald's, 2 Wendy's, a KFC, and 3 Jack-in-the-Box's. I made it all the way home to a scruptious bowl of homemade pintos, topped with taco meat and pico de gallo. Mmmmmmm!

As if it wasn't enough that I got to run on the dream team for the Blind Relay, I had the honor and privilege to do some interval training with world class athlete, Matt Wright. I just so happened to be lucky enough to catch Matt after a hard workout so he volunteered to cool down with me and keep me company on tonight's speed work.

Venue - Memorial Park
Total Distance - 3.5 miles
Format - 1 mile warmup, 12x30s/30s, 1 mile cooldown
Warmup - 1 mile (13:09 pace)
12x30s/30s - 9:12/12:57, 9:37/12:03, 9:43/12:36, 9:58/12:41, 10:26/12:20, 9:29/12:35, 9:26/13:39, 9:24/16:23, 9:41/15:14, 8:51/16:39, 8:56/17:10, 9:33/16:34
Cooldown - 1.5 miles (14:00 pace)

I cut the warmup back from 2 miles to 1 mile. I figured a good 13 minute warmup is good. On the 30/30's, I just tried to stay smooth and consistent with the effort on the hard 30's. By about the 6th or 7th rep, I was breathing pretty hard and slowed my recovery 30 down to a brisk walk. Even though I was walking on the recovery I feel my effort was still consistent as I was breathing pretty hard.

After I was done, wiley veteran Matt showed me where the coldest water in the park was. Shhhh! I can't tell. It's a secret. Oh, and btw, there's also an ice machine if you need ice for your water bottle.

A lot of post run trash talking made for a fun end to a terrific evening. Matt, Bessie, Brett, who was I think in the middle of his 15th or 16th mile for the day, and Bessie's friend all took in the night, laughed, and swapped running stories. It doesn't get any better than this.


txrunnergirl said...

Sounds like an awesome time!

Anonymous said...

Speed work with Dan'l Boone, good times!


L*I*S*A said...

Can't beat some great, quality speedwork. Way to get it done!!

jamoosh said...

Good show. Not the running, which was excellent by the way, but the perseverence you showed passing all the "temptation" joints.

Anonymous said...

Vic, you are my hero and thanks for the ice "tip". You just keep splashing through those puddles and having fun. Way to keep the blinders on past the fast-food joints. Tonight was my toughest nice so far... I keep thinking about you and that inspires me to stick with my program. Memorial, Monday 7pm at the pool (walking & light jogging with Sylvie again). Maybe see you out again. Don't splash me when you pass us!!!

Later, btw

What makes me great said...

New here but I wanted to say keep it up. sounds like your kicking some sreious behind.