Saturday, July 21, 2007

Running wired!!!

I know I'm not in the throes of the meat of marathon training but I'm doing a cutback week this week. I trained pretty hard the previous two weeks and have an ambitious week ahead so easy does it this week. That meant only 6 miles for my long run this morning.

There was a bit of a sparse crowd this morning as the Striders met at Cullen Park for a long(er) run. I was this close to sleeping in but knew that June was going to be there and since I haven't seen my bud in a while, I drug my big butt out of bed and got going. I arrived a bit late for pre-run trash talking as I saw the pod crossing the street just as I was driving up. No problem thought since I was just doing 6. I figured I'd be back in plenty time for trash talking with the 8, 9, 10+ milers.

I felt pretty well as I should having not run since Wednesday. The temptation for me is to do the shorter distances a little faster than normal long run pace. So, in a way, it kind of defeats the purpose of a cutback week to pick up the pace too much. Nonetheless, I was feeling my oats so I ran a bit harder effort than long run effort. I'd probably categorize it as marathon effort, somewhere in between long run and tempo.

Total distance - 6 miles
Venue - Cullen Park
Splits - 14:13 / 14:07 / 14:34 / 14:05 / 14:16 / 12:52 (manly, huh?)
Total time - 1:24:42
Avg pace - 14:06

The very cool thing is I don't have to worry any more about running while on call. Work gave us a new mobile internet card to use on the road. So, I'm not confined to the house when running. Even though I had to carry my pager and my phone on the run this morning and had to stay close to the car and my computer, running wired sure beat not running at all.


justjunebug said...

hey vic: you ain't heavy, you're my brutha! :):):)

loved seeing you this morning! sorry i was just too tired to make it to pantera, plus i smelled to high heaven!!! :)

till next weekend my friend!

Anonymous said...

Panera rocked - Vic, Adam, Alison, K, Baaarb, Steeeve, Andy. Got some important Houston Half business sorted out in addition to the usual frivolity.


Mom tried decaf once said...

Look at that last mile!! That is some great calorie burning right at the end of a long run! Sweet!!

txrunnergirl said...

Great job Vic! That last mile rocked. Mmmm, Panera!