Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Hello Mudder, Hello Fadder!!

Remember that song? Well, tonight, this Fadder was a Mudder!!! 2.5 miles of soggy Ho Chi Minh trails for me tonight with a "normal" mile on Memorial Park Loop back to the car.

I met up with the Striders at 7, thinking that after some trash talking I'd go my slow way and everyone else would go their way and then meet back up afterwards for more trash talking, my favorite part. We're getting ready to take off and John ask me if I want to run with him and Christine and that they were going to take it easy, ~12 or 13 minute pace back in the trails. Well I ain't passing up a chance to run with anyone if they're going to volunteer to slow down to my pace. So, a good group of us parted with the "road runners" and headed out for the forest.

Among our group, there was a bit of tiptoeing as the trails were quite soggy but not this dude. Every time I came to a puddle or some mud, I just thought WWMD (What would Matt do?). I think some of the other trekkers got more mud on them from my splashing than they did actually running the trail.

Anyway, much fun was had by all (especially me!) and there was plenty time afterwards for trash talking. I ended up with 3.5 mile total but the last mile on the loop heading back to the parking lot was ~12:51 pace and it felt good.

I really like the variety the trails give me during the week. It seems to be a bit easier on the knees. I don't worry at all about pace. I just try to keep up a bit of hard breathing and to keep from falling. That's just about the only goal out there on the trails for me. It's a nice change of pace, so to speak.


Anonymous said...

Here I am at Camp Granada.
Camp is very entertaining,
And they say that we'll have fun if it stops raining.

Way to mud it up, Vic. About 2/3 of us opted for splashy fun, the remainder for the Polo Grounds - very civilized. Good times!


TX Runner Girl said...

Sounds like a fun time!

Mom tried decaf once said...

Our trails here are dusty, dry and hard. The mud sounds like fun!

barbara said...

No way, no how. Not in my nice shoes I had on today. But if I had on someone else's shoes that I hadn't paid for, I'd be right there with ya!

Holden said...

Sounds like you might enjoy Sunmart in December!

Anonymous said...

You make a fine Mudder that only a fellow Mudder could love. Matt W...