Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Wish it was 5 miles tomorrow or I'm positive!

Well, I would gladly trade today's 5 miles with tomorrow's 3. Even better would have been skipping today altogether and moving everyghing to Thursday and Friday. This morning's run reminded me so much of my first attempt at 12 miles back on October 1st. I started out too fast and the weather, especially the humidity, started to really press down on me. The only difference this morning was that my legs really felt pretty well. I think this morning's crash, after 3 miles was more mental and digestive than anything to do with the distance or my energy.

I've written this paragraph 4 times now, trying to put down on this blog WHAT WENT WRONG!!!. But you know what? I can't think of anything valid. I just did not have the mental fortitude to finish strong. I've been running pretty well lately and did not take into account the high temps this morning and the opressive humidity. I got nauseated and just fell apart mentally. I wasn't tough this morning. I wasn't disciplined and did not call on what I should have already learned by now, to slow down and be patient, pace myself, taking into account the weather. No excuse!!!

If it sounds like I'm beating myself up, maybe I am just a little. Just a little. I normally would not but this morning could have gone better with a just a little thought and toughness. I did finish the 5 miles and I did run the last ~.6 pretty strong but still conversational. Miles 1-3 were pretty good. But going into mile 4, I stopped to walk some. I walked again toward the end of mile 4 and again at the beginning of mile 5. Then, I sucked it up and ran the last ~.6 or so pretty well.

Funny thing, when I got back to the car, a gentleman that was parked next to me was stretching after his run. We started talking and turns out his run was almost the exact thing that I had just gone through. He said he had been getting used to running in a bit cooler temps and went out too fast at the beginning of his run. Then nausea set in and he struggled big time to just finish. I felt better after hearing that story.

I should have heeded Matt's admonition when I ran into him at the 0 mile marker. His exact words were, "It's hot!!!" Anyway, great to see Matt who I just met on Sunday at the 10-miler. Cool guy. Also saw Amalia for the second day in a row. Always great to see smiling faces out there when I'm running.

Here are the stats. They speak for themselves:
Total distance - 5.0 miles
Total time - 1:14:12
Mile 1 - 14:14
Mile 2 - 14:11 (so far, so good!)
Mile 3 - 14:21
Mile 4 - 15:59
Mile 5 - 15:25
Average pace - 14:51 (still acceptable for a training run)

Since I'm not running on Saturday because of the Bear Creek 10K on Sunday, I may rest tomorrow or swim and do Thursday's 3 on Friday morning (in the low 50s). We'll see.

God Bless


Anonymous said...

Vic, I really don't see the issue. Summer's back and all bets are out the window. Just get through it as best you can knowing it's doing you good!


Anonymous said...

Great to see you this morning. Humidity took us all by suprise. Tough days make tougher runners. Todays run was a success at any pace.
Matt Wright.....
P.S. God bless you also

L*I*S*A said...

Vic, we all have those days when for whatever reason, weather, GI issues, illness, fatigue, etc, we just don't have it in us. No worries. You got the job done. :)

Anonymous said...

Vic----You worked hard, and did what you could---some days are great, others are lousy---the people who most readily achieve their goals are the ones who don't quit when it gets tough and you are most def. in that category. You are one muy macho mucho tough hombre!!!! Huggers!! Tate

Jenny said...

Oh dear that sounds like a rough one - well done on getting through it!

TX Runner Girl said...

We have good days, we have bad days...of course, getting a sneak peak of fall and then hitting summer temps & humidity again doesn't help. Important thing - you finished! Pat yourself on the back for that!

Cassie (TIGGS) said...

see you sunday

Pat said...

You gotta love the cooler temps. They will return. We had a virtual cold front come in. The highs were bearly in the 70's here in AZ.

take care.

Anonymous said...

Don't fret. It happens...and it'll happen again and again.


Barbara said...

What is up with the high humidity in the back half of October? I am so tired of it!