Friday, October 27, 2006

A little tough

Well, if Wednesday's 6-mile run was mostly about patience, Thursday's 3-miler was definitely about toughness. As much as a 3 mile run can test one's toughness, anyway. Summer's trying to die but Thursday afternoon found me running in the mid-80's with about 85% humidity and rain. This very much reminded me of last Wednesday when I totally crashed mentally under the heavy morning air. Well, not today.

Yes, it was only 3 miles but I was determined not to slog through these miles like a half-drowned rat. I stretched pretty good and felt well at the start. The plan for today, 3 easy miles. I stayed conversational through the workout and felt good. Around the 2 mile mark, I did start to feel that familiar just-walk-for-a-little-bit voice. I remembered the lesson from last week. That voice wasn't coming from my legs, they weren't tired. It wasn't coming from my lungs, I wasn't breathing that hard. This voice was coming from my mind and heart. So, I ignored it. I maintained my pace and kept running and finished strong. How tough would I have been with additional miles at this pace/effort, I don't know. But for those 3, I was happy.

Total miles - 3.0
Total time - 40:48
Mile 1 - 13:35
Mile 2 - 13:41
Mile 3 - 13:31
Average pace - 13:36

Now, off to Strider volunteer duties.


JustJunebug said...

You're gonna knock it out of the park on Sunday!!!


jamoosh said...

Use the force...

Pat said...


good luck on sunday. I'll be doing a 5k, but will be hoping all the houston runners do great.