Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Be patient and tough


That’s right…it’s a marathon…be prepared to feel some discomfort at some point during the race. This is why we train. Training prepares our body to physically handle the miles at a given pace. Training also helps to mentally prepare us to stick things out when we might not feel like it. Be tough. -Kim Hager

Thinking about this morning's 6 mile training run, I wanted to concentrate on patience and toughness. Since I started doing mid-week long runs, it has not been a good experience until today. I did not get a chance to test my toughness this morning as patience won out big time. I knew that this 71 degree training run wasn't going to yield 6 sub-13 minute miles like the race conditions on Sunday did. I really felt like I needed to "remember" that very easy, long run training effort that I haven't executed in the past couple of weeks, racing 10 miles and 10K the last 2 weeks instead of long training runs. So, the theme this morning was patience. The only test of toughness was getting out of bed at 4:15 to make it to the park early enough to run and still get to work on time. I only snoozed once (8 minutes).

Here are the stats:
Total miles - 6.0
Total time - 1:23:21
Mile 1 - 14:10
Mile 2 - 14:12
Mile 3 - 14:01 (total for first 3 miles - 42:23 [14:08 pace])
Mile 4 - 13:50
Mile 5 - 13:41
Mile 6 - 13:28 (total for last 3 miles - 41:00 [13:40 pace])
Average pace - 13:54

I was very pleased with this morning's workout. I was patient with the pace and finished strong. I also had to take into account that I just ran 3 miles last night (about 9 hours before) so I'm good with the workout. 3 tomorrow and then off until the Half. If life allows, I'll meet the Striders tomorrow night for SMARTie Hop


Anonymous said...

Hey, none of this "if life allows" stuff, see you tomorrow evening At The Hop!


Pony said...

Anyone who'll get out of bed at 4:15 for an easy run gets a GIANT GOLD STAR in my book!!!

Pony said...

Hey, are you a pilot? I saw your wish list and wondered. Dale says that if you get the plane, he'll do your maintenance if he can fly the plane too!

Dale was giving me flight lessons in a 172 right after we got's still my favorite plane to fly. Next time I see ya, I'll have to tell you all the different airplanes I've flown! Not solo...with Dale beside me, but I was in control = )

Vic said...

I wish, Pony. It's been a lifelong dream of mine to get my license. I did fly a "discovery" flight last January and loved it, like I knew I would. Yeah, I'd love to hear about all your flying. Can't wait.

Barbara said...

Dang Vic. You're racking up the mileage this week too. Not me; I'm not doing a single thing today. I slept in this morning and went shopping at lunch!

jamoosh said...

Good stuff Vic. One of the reasons we run for time instead f mileage is to break through some mental barriers and make us more tough. And let's face it, if you know you can do 60 minutes in 80 degree heat, just think how much farther you will get when the temp is 60 degrees. Because you already know you can do sixty minutes...

TX Runner Girl said...

Good job! You are the king of the negative split!!! BTW, I have always wanted to learn to fly too. I want to do the discovery flight, but afraid of getting hooked!

Tracy said...

You're doing great, Vic ^_^. Personally, I'm more impressed with the 4:15 wake-up call! I have a hard time just getting up at 7:30 am to run...actually I don't think I've gotten up early to run unless I was racing or meeting someone ^_^. I'm a night owl.