Saturday, October 07, 2006

Congratulations Runners!!!

I say congratulations because I know that everyone must have had a great run this morning. The weather was just fabulous and was my first taste of cooler temps since I started running (again). It sure makes all the difference in the world and gives me hope that as things continue to cool down, I will be able to complete the marathon.

There are some good words from a couple of good coaches regarding Thursday's mile time trial in the post below so go check it out.

Hal's schedule today called for 9 miles. Actually, now that I remember correctly, it's Katy Fit's schedule that called for 9 miles today. I just plugged it into Hal's schedule since I had already progressed further on my long runs. However, since last weekend's 12 miler was such a bonkin' bust, I decided to have another go at the distance today. Jo ran the first 9 with me. We had a great time enjoying the weather and Cullen park. My plan was to finish up 9 with Jo and then tack on 3 more at the end to make up the 12. Here are the stats:

Total time - 2:58:11
Total distance - 12 miles
Mile 1 - 15:29
Mile 2 - 15:30
Mile 3 - 15:16
Mile 4 - 15:32
Mile 5 - 15:18
Mile 6 - 15:10
Mile 7 - 15:14
Mile 8 - 15:20
Mile 9 - 14:54
Mile 10 - 13:45
Mile 11 - 13:39
Mile 12 - 12:58
Average pace - 14:51 mpm
Average temp - 63.8 degrees
Average humidity - 77.7%

By now, one may be wondering what in the world happened at Mile 10, after I dropped Jo off at the parking lot. Was it all downhill? Were hurricane force winds at my back? Was I chasing Miss America? No. No. and NO!!! I had the "opportunity" to stop off for a bathroom break. After that, a couple of my Luke's/Koala Half registrants wanted to combine their registrations and form a team for the relay so I had the forms in the car and walked over to make the corrections. Between the restroom and taking care of the registration, I had about a 4 or 5 minute break, not reflected in my splits, of course. This kind of bothered me as I wanted to just take off after the bathroom break but I needed to take care of this for my fellow Fitizens. After that rest, the cool weather just got to me and I was alone. I took off down the paths behind the parking lot. The paths come out at the bridge and cross over along the big field there. The whole loop is about 1 mile. I was really feeling my oats and thrilled with everything, the pain-free ankle, the weather, the 10-mile race coming up next week, the Bear Creek 10K, the Half, the full, the kids, the wife, and just life in general. I looked down at my Garmin and my pace had gotten down around 14:00 so I said, well, I'll just try to pick it up a little more and see if I can run these 3 miles around 13:45 (that's my goal marathon pace if I'm allowed to have one). Well, you see the results. 40:22 for 3 miles and at the end of a 9 mile long run to boot. Gotta be pleased with that. It was a huge confidence booster. Seem to be having a lot of those lately. Good!!! I need 'em.

Lastly, I wanted to post my HR splits. I must admit I was very, very pleased to see the easy effort I was able to maintain through 9 and then the moderate effort over the last 3.

MaxHR - 182 bpm
Resting HR, week of 10/01/06 - 62 bpm Mile 1 - 135 bpm (61% HRr)
Mile 2 - 139 bpm (65% HRr)
Mile 3 - 141 bpm (66% HRr)
Mile 4 - 139 bpm (65% HRr)
Mile 5 - 139 bpm (65% HRr)
Mile 6 - 140 bpm (66% HRr)
Mile 7 - 142 bpm (67% HRr)
Mile 8 - 143 bpm (68% HRr)
Mile 9 - 146 bpm (71% HRr)
Mile 10 - 142 bpm (67% HRr) [after the 4 or 5 minute rest]
Mile 11 - 157 bpm (80% HRr)
Mile 12 - 159 bpm (82% HRr)

God Bless!!!


Jenny said...

Wow another 12 miles! Sounds like it was a great run. I love how a good run can just make you feel amazing. Keep up the good work!

atownrunner said...

someone's getting fast.

Lisa said...

You're doin' some serious damage on that time! Glad to see such great splits. Happy to hear the run went so well. :)

JustJunebug said...

i am SO SO jealous you got to run in that great weather this weekend and i didnt...oh well...on to space city!

Barbara said...

Look at that - a 12 miler again! Great run, and I'm with ya on the great weather.

Bon said...

Hey Vic. GREAT run. Sorry I've been out of the loop for a while, but I've been keeping up with ya. You're doing great.

Some new posts you might like on Survival Shuffle if you haven't checked in a while.

ravenclawprefect said...

those are fantastic times, Vic. Great 12 miles...again :)


Tracy Hooten said...

We ARE on the same week of Hal's program! (I'm just running out the program and may repeat a week or two to get the extra month of training in)

Great run! I really should have ran in the morning instead of the afternoon. Hey, take a look at this thursday/friday weather!!! It looks like awesome running weather!

TX Runner Girl said...

Congrats on those times! This weather was so awesome.

Pat said...

Impressive indeed. Last Friday I didn't have time for a longer run. Only for 1 mile and then I had a softball game. I was pumped hearing about your mile and I wanted to see what I could do. See if I could beat your time of 11:07 and my PR of 11:10. I started out to fast and finished to slow, but it was kinda fun virtual racing with you. I finished at . . . . 11:31. You won!

Your blog is truly an inspiration, keep on bloggin' and runnin'.