Tuesday, October 10, 2006

No, Daddy, I'm tired!!!

A unique thought occurred to me when I got home today from my 13 y/o's football game. The plan was to wait until the 5 y/o went to bed and then sneak out for my 3 miler, staying on the block, probably just running back and forth a block in each direction. But I thought, hey, I'm a runner. I can run around Fairfield. How about if the 5 y/o goes with me and rides his bike? So, that's what we did.

It was a lot of fun (at first). I was running easy. The kiddo was riding easy, both of us just enjoying the evening. After about 1.75 miles, ADD set in and the kid started to get bored. He kept telling me, "I'm tired, Daddy." Of course, not having run in a couple of days and fully recovered from Saturday's 12 miler, I was the Energizer Bunny out there. About the time I got a good groove going..."My feet hurt, Daddy. Let's go home." I couldn't make him understand that we were near the end and a lot nearer to home than if we turned around and went back. Of couse, by the time we got home, he was fine and now upset with me at all. Despite the whining, I think he had a good time.

Total distance - 3.18
Mile 1 - 14:23
Mile 2 - 14:00
Mile 3 - 13:46
da change 2:23 (13:11 pace)
Average pace - 14:01
Temp - 72 degrees
Humidity - 96% (Whew!)

I really felt like I was in that run forever pace. Of course, I've never EVER run a longer distance at that pace but I felt really awesome. Looking forward to the Clear Lake


TX Runner Girl said...

Good job! And WTG on getting in some family time and a run at the same time!

Barbara said...

(at first) - too funny!

The thing I've learned about running with kids is make it a game for them. Find something on the road that starts with A, then B, etc. Or count the number of blocks we've gone by, or see how many neighbors you can list by name, etc.

Then again, I do that with my 8-year old. That's pretty awesome that a 5-year old did that with you; that's a long way at his age!

Anonymous said...

I've found that running with kids is fun for about the 1st mile and then it becomes a chore to keep them occupied, safe and focused. Which can be alot for some kids.

After they get past the intial thought, of "Hey I'm running w/ Dad," they realize it's not near as fun as playing games. Barbara is right on to keep it fun!

Keep it up and have fun! :) Your doing awesome!


Lisa said...

I know my son would be impatient with me as well. Way to get in the run and spend time with family. :)

Jenny said...

I think all runners have a little boy inside them saying "I'm tired", "my feet hurt" and "let's go home". I know I hear him all the time!

Sounds like it was a great run. Keep it up!

Pat said...

sounds like Barbara's advice would work even if we're running by ourselves.

Thanks for the words of encouragement on my blog. I do appreciate it.

My teenage son used to run with me and I would have to keep up with him. Now he won't run, because he's afraid I might run to far.


Dave Smart said...

I know what you're talking about Vic- a couple nights ago, Jon-Jon (5yrs) made it about half way around the neighborhood circle (1 mi loop) before he started getting "tired" - his big brother was selling Scout popcorn door to door, which got "boring" fairly quick. To top it off, he lost his Curious George pencil (we've been reminded of that the last 2 days) along the way. Oh the trials of the very young.