Sunday, October 01, 2006

12.89 and Bonk!!!

Not a very good job pacing this morning. Mr. Consistency stayed home. I was very pumped up after last night's frivolity at the Cross Country relay and thrilled that my ankle not only survived but felt pretty good. My splits were all over the map. See...

Mile 1 - 14:49
Mile 2 - 15:19
Mile 3 - 15:17
Mile 4 - 15:00
Mile 5 - 15:14
Mile 6 - 14:22
Mile 7 - 15:09
Mile 8 - 14:31
Mile 9 - 16:47
- here's where the walking started, and we had about a 1:15 stop to refill the water bottles.
Mile 10 - 17:56 - Get up and go got up and went.
Mile 11 - 18:54 - Walked most of this mile.
Mile 12 - 18:59 - Same story a mile 11.
.89 - Due to poor navigation and one wrong turn, we ended up .89 miles from our intended finish near the tennis center.

So, actually, through 8 miles, I was pretty good. Sub-15 mpm average and ended up finishing 8 in 1:59:44. Given the humidity and the temps, though, this "speedy" 8 probably did me in for the next 4. Still, tack on my 2 miles at the XC and that's 10 miles at sub-15 average in some pretty wicked conditions temperature and humidity-wise.

Am I disappointed? Just a little. Did I learn something? Yes, I think so. If I had these 12 to do all over again, knowing that the weather was going to be pretty heavy, I would have started out a little slower. Maybe started out 15:30-15:45 and then just try to finish stronger. Even though I felt pretty good this morning, I still think the cross county took a little out of me. Most importantly, I feel like I really stressed the system this morning and look forward to some good recovery tonight and tomorrow.

I'm pretty tired or I'd go on more. Thanks Jo for sticking with me this morning. I'm really glad I had someone to run with. June, Cassie, Jon, Edwin, great to see you all. I treasure our friendships and love seeing you out there on a run. It really helps me.

God Bless!!!


atownrunner said...

good seeing you too. nice job on the run.

ravenclawprefect said...

Don't kid yourself Vic, you did an AWESOME run! You were out there, you stuck with it and you finished. We all have runs that we would do differently. Log it and forget about it. Keep up the fantastic work!!


Jenny said...

Sounds like it was a tough run in tough conditions - well done for getting through it! Enjoy your recovery. I'm sure your next run will be better for having done this one.

Barbara said...

Hey you did it! That's what counts! Pacing can be the hardest part. It seemed warmer to me yesterday morning so I'm sure that didn't help you any the farther you went.

JustJunebug said...

i am still feeling the effects today my friend...thank God today is a rest day right??? and i actually have a pretty easy week! you should take it easy too!

and all that work made breakfast that much sweeter!

big hugs blue eyes!!

TX Runner Girl said...

Good job Vic! You made it through a tough run, so pat yourself on the back! BTW, were you at Memorial early in the AM on Sunday? I thought I saw you, but wasn't sure. That's what I get for being a weenie and not just yelling "HEY VIC!". ;-)

Lisa said...

Give yourself a hand, Vic. You made it through a tough run and came out on the other side mostly unscathed. That's all that counts!