Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Not ideal conditions

The plan. Get the kids to bed. Run 5 miles around the block after they're all asleep, around 9:30. Unfortunately, the plan should have included a nap before, better meal planning through the day, yada, yada. I just felt a wee bit in a funk tonight. But, this is marathon training and if you can't run with a little funk now, you're sure not going to make the whole 26.2. So, off I went.

I basically carve out a 1.7 mile loop around several blocks. I felt pretty good. It was cool out. I would have finished strong but I started to feel a little twinge in my left heel. This isn't the "bad" foot so no worries. Rather than mess around, I stopped pretty quickly at 3.92 miles and just walked the little bit back to the house. I'm absolutely sure it's nothing. I figure if I wake up in the morning and have a new pain, I need to pay attention. If all is well, I overreacted. We'll see in the morning.

Here are the stats:
Total distance - 3.92 miles
Total time - 57:29
Mile 1 - 14:40
Mile 2 - 14:43
Mile 3 - 14:56
da change - 13:08 (14:18 pace)
Average pace - 14:40

By the way I get this e-mail from my mom tonight when I get back from my run. It said "You better watch it and if I were you after the Oct. 29th race, I would stop racing (you can still run) and concentrate on the children's activities. You just can't do both." Where in the world did that come from? Oh, and what's the difference between racing and "still running"? The fact is that she doesn't want me to do a marathon and she basically doesn't want me to run. Oh, here was my reply. "What are you talking about? I haven't missed one single football game of Dalton's. Jan and I split the soccer practices while the other fixes dinner. My running does not in any way interfere with the kid's activities. If you can point out where it has, I'm very open to listening. I ususally run before any of my children or wife even get out of bed. Also, you may have misunderstood. I mean it's been a little busy THIS WEEK while Jan is taking a break. [Jan's on a cruise with a girlfriend of hers] I can't get to work until after 9am because Ben's and Steph's bus doesn't leave until around 8:15. Monday, I took an earned vacation day with the approval of my manager. Tuesday, I had to leave around 3:45 to make it to Dalton's football game. And today, I had to leave around 4:20 to make it home to get Ben dressed for soccer practice. Running has nothing to do with my extra time off this week. I know I keep saying this and I don't mean to sound harsh but if I'm dead, I'm sure not going to do my kids any good and I certainly won't get my work done then." That was kind of harsh but I'm tired of it. I'm not doing this for selfish reasons. Does it make me feel good. Am I proud of my accomplishments? Yes, of course but I want to live long and enjoy an active lifestyle and teach my kids the same. I'd much rather get the cable hooked back up and order some pizza and veg out. But I'd be dead in 10 maybe 20 years, or sooner. Arrrrgggh!!


Jenny said...

Hear hear! Your mom sounds like mine: well-intentioned but often misinformed and thus misdirected! Does that make sense? In a nutshell - she's wrong; you're right!

Bill D said...

Kind of reminds me of my wife back in the 80's telling me that I ran way too much.....and many variations of it.

It's kind of funny that she's the one pushing me the most right now to get back in telling me I don't run near enough.

Also - I never missed any of my kids functions, choir, cheering, cross country,& track. I'm very glad that I didn't miss any....lots of great memories.

(I did miss my oldest daughters 10th birthday, April 16, 1990, to run my 10th marathon, Boston. My daughter still talks about being part of my big day )

Anonymous said...

Go Mom! No, wait...go Vic!

Here's to a fit and healthy lifestyle with running as a key component.


Barbara said...

Her heart's in the right place. BTW my mom told me straight up (and she's normally a subtle person) that I needed to put running (in all forms) behind me as a result of my pneumonia/asthma trip to the hospital this summer.

It's just one of those times where I nodded my head and said "thanks; you gave me some things to think about" and went on about my day.

I don't think she has figured out yet that I'm still running...

JustJunebug said...

well i have nothing to say on this matter because instead of my family, its my friends for the most part that dont understand.

i'm a traitor, boring and selfish.


luv ya!

Lemmer said...

mom's have a way of reaching into our core, doing some jumping jacks (side stradle hops) and then leaving with everything in pieces - when all along they just want to make sure you are taking care of your self and not missing out. wouldn't it just be easier if they would just say that they love you, and the family?

for some reason people (including parents) have this weird notion that running is going to be worse for you (because it is painful at times?) than dying from a heart attack.

bottom line - mom loves ya and doesn't understand why in the world you would want to run as much/as far.

gotta love moms!

TX Runner Girl said...

I agree with everything everyone already said. You Mom has good intentions, but doesn't quite get it. My Mom was worried about my distances at first, but now she proudly talks to her friends about her marathoning daughter. My MIL is proud of this too, but has often told me that we did not need to have a 2nd child because of all our "activities"....please! As if it's any of her business!!!

Sarah said...

I think what most people don't understand is that for us, running is sort of like our hobby. That's not to say that we don't take it seriously, but it helps put things in perspective. Some people's hobby is watching TV, or going out to eat, or partying every weekend, or flying. Our hobby is running.

Seems like if they understood that, they'd be more understanding in general.

Pat said...

It's like they tell you on the airlines. In case of emergency, put the oxygen mask on yourself first and then on you kids. You gotta take care of yourself, if you want to take care of your family.

Your mom will come around, just don't tell her about your heel.

Pony said...

I sure wish we could end the "running is bad for you" debate once and for all! It doesn't appear that there's any way to debunk that myth. I got loads of pressure from well-intentioned friends where we used to live. So far, down here, I've only hung out with Striders so no pressure there! hahahahaha

What really matters is what you know in your sounds like you KNOW running is beneficial to your life so it doesn't matter what ANYBODY else says about it, moms included! Just keep following God's leading = )

Thanks for all your comments on my are such an encouragement!! See ya on the roads!

Anonymous said...

It's all the time you spend signing autographs after the races, the bump drafting you do during a race, meetings with sponsors, appearances at Billy Bob's Running and Stomp Stores across the metropolitan Waller area, lest we forget signing those photographs while on the toilet.

Your mom will just have to get with your publicist to arrange a few minutes of your time.


Lisa said...

Excellent reply to your mom. Sometimes those we love simply can't be happy for us. They feel the only way to make themselves feel better is to in some way berate us for doing what we're doing. You made very good points in your reply.

Your running doesn't interfere in your life, it enhances it.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the thoughtful replies. Doug, you're a hoot!!! You have experience signing photos on the toilet, do you?

Steeeve, were you hinting that you're on Mom's side? I wouldn't doubt it. :)