Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Brain-dead in the wee hours

Made my way to Memorial this morning for my scheduled 3 miles. I guess all the synapses were not firing completely as I forgot to bring my work clothes with me. So, after the run, I had to drive all the way back out to Cypress to shower and change. I was so thrilled to not have to fight traffic this morning. Plus I got done early enough, I was going to get into work a little early which was good because I'm leaving early for a massage appointment. At the trunk, after the my run, I hear my cell phone and it's DW calling to tell me that my clothes were still haning on the chair. CRUD!!!

Had a good run. I was still a little sore from the weekend but the 3 seemed to loosen me up and I actually feel better after the run than I did before. Stats:

Total distance - 3 miles
Total time - 43:58
Mile 1 - 14:47
Mile 2 - 14:42
Mile 3 - 14:28

103 days to Houston!!!


TX Runner Girl said...

Sorry about leaving your clothes...I am always afraid of doing that. But, it does look like you had a good run!

Barbara said...

I should've read your post before I wrote one tonight. I had a "lost my mind" experience today.

Yes, keep reminding us each day how many days we have left! That's good motivation!

Jenny said...

Good to hear you had a good run, shame about your clothes though - doh!

Lisa said...

Oops! Forgot the clothes...oh well, at least you had a great run. :)