Saturday, August 26, 2006

What a difference a few weeks make!

This week's long run venue was Cullen Park with the Katy Fit'ers. On tap today was 6 miles. This week was a bit of a recovery from last week's 8 miles but we're forging forward strong this coming week.


Total distance - 6 miles
Total time - 1:31:43
Average pace - 15:17
Mile 1 - 14:54
Mile 2 - 15:29
Mile 3 - 15:26
Mile 4 - 15:23
Mile 5 - 15:20
Mile 6 - 15:09

I had a few more calories for breakfast than in the past. Had a gel at 30 minutes and at 30 minutes. Flavor of the morning was Carb Boom Strawberry Kiwi and I must say I think I found my gel. It tasted just fine and my stomach tolerated it well. I definitely like the fruity gels rather than the creamy, vanilla, chocholate ones.

The only other comment is that, against my better judgement, I went back 3 weeks to compare the last 6 miler I did. The average pace for that 6 miles on August 5th was 16:15. This week's 6 was 15:16 average pace.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention. I experimented some (well, a lot) with 5/1 run/walk intervals. I really liked it and was able to keep a pretty consistent and faster pace over the last half of the race and finished strong. I'm going to do some more of that during next week's 9-miler. I may consider the 5/1 as a race strategy for the USA 10-miler and/or the Houston Half. If it gets me closer to 13:45 pace over those long distances, I'll definetly be doing that for Houston (if I get there).


Barbara said...

Way to go on cutting the average pace down, especially this time of year! I figure maintaining, even just getting out there to run in the first place in August is an accomplishment but you blew that out of the water!

BTW, my pace was 7 seconds slower today than August 5th!

JustJunebug said...

You're gonna love those 5/1's!!!

I might go for 6/1's for Clear Lake if the weather turns out to be warm!

Anonymous said...

You might consider doing the Ten for Texas up at The Woodlands on Oct 14 instead of the USA 10 Miler.

The Woodlands is a bit closer than NASA.

Nice improvement, too. If 5/1 better suits you, then 5/1 it is.


Anonymous said...

I did 5/1 for the RW half in 2005 and for the MCM last year----def. a good plan. Congrats on your time improving!!!! :)


Jill said...

Great job on the improvements! Don't you just love it when you see results?!

Rock on!!